Happy Independence Day!

Here’s something I shared today on Facebook (slightly edited for the blog):

Happy Independence Day!

July 6th?

July 6th isn’t “Independence Day”…that was 2 days ago (or 6, if you’re Canadian).

Well, it’s not the “Independence Day” of a country, but rather a person.

July 6, 1415 was the origination of the common phrase “the goose is cooked” or “his goose is cooked”. That phrase comes from the “independence day” of (pre-reformation) reformer (and follower in the footsteps of John Wycliffe) Jan Huss, who gained his independence from the tyranny of the Pope of Rome (via the grave) on July 6, 1415. His last name means “goose”, and when he died the people said “the goose is cooked”.

Huss was burned alive by the Catholic Church for embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Learn more here:



Also, in 1999/2000, the Catholic church danced on Huss’ grave by adopting him as an ecumenical figure who was actually still one of their own (in spirit, not doctrine), completely ignored Huss’ biblical and theological disagreements with the Catholic Church (that were so significant to him, he was willing to die for them), apologized for his murder and grabbed his legacy as a stepping stone for the overturning of the reformation.

Here’s full text of the common declaration of Cardinal Miloslav Vlk and the Synodal Senior of the Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren:


Next July 6, tell someone the gospel and remember to tell them that as a sinner before a Holy God, their goose is cooked.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Remembering the Goose and those Mavericks who followed” Unger


11 thoughts on “Happy Independence Day!

  1. Oh, I’m very surprised no answers yet on this Blog. Maybe could be not many Americans, I really enjoyed…no enjoyed is the wrong word. I was very satisfied to read your words showing once again the incredible suffering unless the Trinity intervened to this person named “Huss” and am not surprised he was tortured to death for embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ. Have you ever read the Catholic Bible? I am so sure you should ever do such a task. You would find people worshiped other than Him and His Mother deified and Christ having no siblings. When I tried to attend again a few years ago, I felt sorry for the lot. The place smelled like sulphur from repairs needed and I disagreed with this existing in a church. Week-after-week the Gospel or a snippet of it. Now, I can’t even think of the Gospel’s being read without animation in the voice and a point to be made. Oh. Yeah. I got in trouble also when in shock I discovered each chuch had to at least half-way support itself. There are single items at the home of this church that would feed third world countries for years. To top it off, a lot of those items came from warfare to be hidden safely there. Excellent posting and in the past when I read of John Wycliffe I cried at what Servant of the Lord he was and how he escaped murder. In my opinion, everyone should read about John Wycliffe. +++

    • Marie, thanks for the thoughts.

      I’ve been slack on commenting and am getting caught up (this is comment, what, 7 tonight?).

      Jan Huss, John Wycliffe and a host of others endured horrific persecution by the pagan Catholic church. I am so glad that we will have an everlasting amount of time “around the table” in eternity so that I can hear all their stories. There will be endless reasons to sing God’s praises from that alone.

      Well, I have read the Catholic Bible and have studied the apocrypha (books not from God that they’ve placed in their Bible) at length too. I don’t have a lot of time for the Catholic Church; once you dig into their official teaching, they pretty much get everything wrong: God, the gospel, Jesus, the church, the trinity, etc.

      Though I was never a Catholic, I praise God that he has saved me from the false religion I once embraced.

      • Hello Mennoknight, I forgot to mention the inclusion of the Aprocaphyra’s, included despite conflicting and non-confirmed. Would you, please, at prayer be it your family or whosoever comes to mind, pray for the pagan religion to be entirely removed from the brainwashing it received. I have thought for years ”pagan” then ”shhhhh’ out of fear PAGAN RELIGION. There for the first time in my life I said it. I have known a catholic who placed a 7-year curse on his ex-wife. And I knew him five years and never let him near me. He teaches cathechism as well. I can honestly say in retrospect I was being guardd by The Trinity. He called me up one day saying he had…with a woman who took her pay from the archdiodese I did not know I had it it in me I said ”you did WHAT you …. a woman who claims to work for the Church and takes pay from the Archdiocese and travels to gain other catholics? You make me sick, all of you, I don’t believe, and God does not like this at all and hung up. Then he threatened to have his mother curse me. Life is rough medically right now yet I still refuse to believe He would allow someone to curse me. +++

  2. Also, the above “*I am NOT… refers to a different posting. There was another time much younger a divorced Catholic wanted to marry me. I already had questions I always had questions. So he says ”got to get the ANNULMENT wonder how much it will cost” I said ”explain” Well nowadays you don’t have to pay a fee but then you did and it was to ”wipe out the existence of the marriage” I told him what about his children then and the answer was so dumb I just again broke out in anger I said jut go no I won’t marry you how stupid is this situation. I was about as mad as when told if I did not go every Sunday I’d ffry. tTThen they changed from fish to whatever you want it’s your choice. Oh I wonder if I should journal all this it does seem to have affected my life. I stayed with an abusive husband: because I believed the Catholic way. +++

  3. Please just pray for total release for me from the Catholic religion, please. The website and name info were in the field of my typing. Sorry for the typos. PAGAN and I want to ask you do you think now please don’t answer this if you are not comfortable there are many who think ”the great red whore’ in Revelation is…. see how I won’t say it? Don’t answer this one if you prefer.
    The logo is in the way again I just want to say thanks and hope all is well with your family. +++ I have a lot of praying t do.

    • Marie, I can give you an easy answer for that.

      The gigantic prostitute in Revelation 17 isn’t the Catholic Church. It’s whatever the worldwide counterfeit religious system is introduced/promoted by the antichrist.

      The bride of Christ is the true church.

      The prostitute of the antichrist is the false church.

      Elements of the false church are most certainly in the world right now, but I don’t know if the false church will be a currently existing religion that takes over the world or something new and slightly different.

      • Thank you, Mennoknight, for such an erudite and clear explanation. Your studying skills are accurate and you have answered a question no one else was ever able to (I don’t necessarily believe t.v. ministers know all, for some reason) +++

        • Thank you very much for your contributions to Him and bless your family. A few times while waiting in the car (store trip), I listened to MacArthur and was unsure of him. I am discovering how very fragile the trust factor is to lead people like me to new exposures to the Word. I am glad now you don’t mince words. Blessings +++

  4. I *suspect* I’m getting a bit clearer in written communication, it’s just when I asked for prayer I was asking for Release from the brainwashing taught by the religion, so strong it led me to believe I should stay and ”help” a husband with many falsehoods. THAT is the Freedom I want and as I write I have a feeling of possibility you will recommend to just keep on studying, to this day on some issues I still ”think” catholic. I need intercessory prayer to entirely leave the the process behind me. Today I was looking for something and thought “St. Francis, St. Francis please come around, something is lost and cannot be found.” I even had a beautiful picture of Christ on the wall until I read He doesn’t want any sort of portraits of Him. +++

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