Some Thoughts on Dr. Brown’s response to me…

Now it’s been a few days since my interchange with Dr. Michael Brown regarding his article in Charisma magazine on the upcoming Strange Fire conference.  He responded to me one time and then a second time, and now that my sermon is done (I preached at Valley Heights Community Church on the story of David & Goliath, in case anyone is interested…and translating 54 verses of Hebrew is a whole week chore for me these days.  *sigh*)  So I’m going to skip past all the minor disagreements/whatever and go straight for what I see to be the absolutely major problem with Dr. Brown’s response: his alignment with Cindy Jacobs.  Here’s my thoughts:

1.  I know MacArthur isn’t suggesting that every charismatic is a false teacher, since every charismatic isn’t a teacher in the first place.  Many of the sheep in the charismatic movement are just that; sheep.  They’re sheep who are being lied to by the popular shepherds specifically named by me:

Paul & Jan Crouch, Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Mike Bickle, Cindy Jacobs, C. Peter Wagner, Brian Houston, Ken & Gloria Copeland, Jesse Duplantis, John Whimber, John Arnott, Fredrick Price, Rick Joyner, Todd Bentley, Joyce Meyer, Rodney Howard-Browne, Bill Johnson, Rienhard Bonke, Jack Deere, Juanita Bynum, etc.

That’s basically the prosperity gospel/TBN/CBN/Charisma magazine crew.

That’s the crew that is out healing tennis elbow, bad eyesight, sore throats, etc. and doing so via things like the Holy Ghost Hokie Pokie.

That’s the crew that is always claiming to have taken trips to Heaven, like this joker, or this one, or this one, or this one, or this one.

I am continually crying for believers who are listening to, and being deceived by, clear and obvious false teachers. There are plenty of authentic believers in charismatic circles (some of which are friends who have shown up on this blog in the comments).  The problem isn’t with the sheep, it’s with the shepherds.

The charismatic movement is full of, and a wonderful haven for, false teachers.

The Bible speaks really clearly regarding false teachers:

Peter talks very clearly about false teachers, saying that they have corrupt sexual (2 Peter 2:2) and financial motivations (2:3), and exploit people with lies (2:3).  Peter says that they speak mockingly against spiritual beings (2:10), something that even powerful angels aren’t stupid enough to do (2:11).  Peter says that they’re irrational and speak out of ignorance (2:12), but will be repaid by the Lord for their wickedness (2:13).  Peter refers to them as skin blemishes that need to be removed from the church (2:13) since they’re greedy and immoral (2:14) and following in the way of the money-grabbing pagan priest, Balaam (2:15) who was so ignorant, that God used a donkey to rebuke his (sub-donkey) ignorance (2:16).  Peter says that they have no substance and have the darkest part of Hell set aside for them (2:17).  Peter says that they lure believers into a different strain of the world that they’re attempting to escape (2:18) and promise freedom that they cannot deliver nor experience themselves (2:19).  Peter says that these false teachers are anything but innocent, seeing that they are aware of the gospel and utterly reject it (2:20); it would have been better for them to have never been born than to face the magnitude of punishment that awaits them now (2:21).

Are the people in the list I gave false teachers?

2.Well, I won’t tackle the whole list since Michael Brown said this:

“As to your reference to Cindy Jacobs (also a friend of mine with a real love for the Lord), I have no idea where that came from. Again, it seems you failed to read what I actually wrote.”

Now that was a passing comment in relation to his claiming that Jonathan Edwards was focusing on the positive fruit of the revival of his day and Chauncey focused on the negative…and I’m leaving that whole analogy aside as a trivial thing when compared to Dr. Brown defending Cindy Jacobs as some sort of upstanding Christian woman.

She’s apparently a friend and someone that Dr. Brown aligns himself with.

Cindy Jacobs.

So who is Cindy Jacobs?

She’s a woman who claims that this is speaking in tongues?

That’s not tongues.

The woman who claims to have actually performed a “feeding of the 3,000”?

That might have happened, but given some of the following links and testimonies from her own mouth, I’ll simply say pretty confidently that she’s not telling the truth.

The woman who prophetically declared that the repeal of DADT is connected to bird deaths?

Um…really?  God has major concern with homosexuals in the military enough to speak through his prophet about the repeal of the military’s rule regarding open homosexuals?  Wouldn’t God rather call homosexuals to repent instead of hide the fact that they’re homosexuals?

The woman who claims to be the reason behind the lack of global economic collapse in 2008?

I mean, I’m the reason that the planet Saturn didn’t smash into the earth today.  Notice how it didn’t happen?  Hooray!  I’m a hero!

The woman who openly admits that she prophesies falsely?

(Round of applause for Chris Roseborough on this one.)

If you want a tsunami of proof that she’s, well, arguably insane, feel free to check out her Vimeo channel and actually listen to what she says (fyi – It’s called “Generals” because she’s a self-professed “general of intercession”…as in she thinks she’s a general in the army of Yahweh.  Uh…yeah.)

Okay Lyndon.

Now you’re stepping too far.

Calling her insane is a bit too much.

Okay.  you got me.  She doesn’t claim that they’re 25 hours in a day, but she says things that are biblically crazy.  Consider the following:

(in the following, my comments are in bold)

Feel free to watch this video where she attempts to show (via openly allegorical hermeneutics that she refers to as the law of double reference) how Job 41 teaches that the leviathan is actually a territorial spirit that stalks our planet.

– It apparently is the underlying cause of divorce, tribal wars, church splits, family feuds, sibling rivalries and the break-up of ministries (it’s more responsible than any other spirit for horrible stuff like this).

– It’s most active in areas where there is a history of worship crocodiles and serpents (presumably in your family history)…or when you live near water since it’s a water spirit (which are more prevalent in Japan and Africa…the continent).

– If you have native blood, or mayan/aztec blood (i.e. if you’re from, or connected to South America in any way), it will be a problem for you.

– If you have ancestors who were possibly involved in some sort of the aforementioned worship (which you must assume because they’re likely dead, right?), then you need to repent of their sin before you can begin to deal with this spirit, which is likely very active in your bloodline.

– If you live on defiled land (land where Africans, Asians or any Natives have lived…ever), it can be a problem for you.

– If you live near totem poles (anywhere in North America), it will also be a problem for you since they might have a crocodile spirit in them.

(Basically, if you breathe or live on planet earth, this spirit will attack you and try to wreck your life.)

(Remember, your marriage problems aren’t really due to your personal sin or selfishness, but a water spirit that lives in totem poles.)

– What does it do?  It breaks down communication because it’s a twisting spirit and twists the conversation between 2 people by actually speaking something twisted into the mind of the listener (so natural attempts at clarification won’t work).

(So a good portion of your communication problems in life aren’t due to any flaw in your or anyone else, but instead are due to a water spirit that lives in totem poles.)

– When nothing seems to work with communication/interpersonal problems, you almost certainly have a Leviathan Spirit.

– Job 41:1-2 (and 41:13) says that you need to bind the Leviathan Spirit before you make any sort of progress in dealing with it. (no it doesn’t)

– Job 41:4 says that it’s a spirit that wants you to break covenants (marriage, friendship, etc.) (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:8-9 says that it’s a spirit that releases retribution, despair, depression, and fear. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:19 (and 41:24) teach that the Leviathan Spirit is the reason that fights & miscommunication hurt the heart so horribly. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:31 says that the Leviathan Spirit is what causes trouble in churches. (no it doesn’t).

– Job 41:34 says that the remedy to overcoming the Leviathan Spirit is humility (good answer, WRONG text).

– (And the Leviathan Spirit is the reason that husband’s don’t take out the trash)

Let’s be serious.

This garbage is on the “orthodox Christian doctrine” scale at the level of Feng Shui and Pokemon.  Cindy Jacobs isn’t even really a charismatic; she’s a shaman; a practitioner of run-of-the-mill “there’s a spirit behind every rock” 6,000-year-old paganism done in the name of Jesus (instead of a tribal deity) with prayers instead of spells.  She doesn’t believe in the sovereignty of God; she believes in the sovereignty of Satan and lives in fear of every evil spirit behind every thought/occurrence in her world.

She has absolutely no concern for the scriptures and all her attempts to find her beliefs from the text of the Bible fall flat the minute they leave her mouth.  When it comes to handling the scripture; she’s an obvious hack.

Anyone who defends her as woman with “a real love for the Lord” either doesn’t know what she actually teaches (since what she teaches suggests that when she uses the word “Lord”, she means someone very different than I do), or has less biblical discernment than your average Bible-college freshman.

For the record, I would definitely suggest that Dr. Brown doesn’t know what she actually teaches.  He’s such a busy fellow that he doesn’t have an ounce of spare time for watching Vimeo videos.  He’s likely met her and talked with her a few times and maybe heard her speak a few times, but I doubt he is familiar enough with her teaching to be able to correct someone on what she does and doesn’t teach.

If (and I emphasize the “if”) Dr. Brown is allies with Cindy Jacobs in either ministry or theology, he had better prepare for October because he may find himself exposed as responsible for Strange Fire.  I pray this is not the case.

Also, he simply needs to do exactly what he recommended I do:

“…you should really step back, pray about it, and do some serious soul searching and — better still — serious restudy of the Word.”

Dr. Brown – I’d start by pouring over 2 Peter 1:16-21 until you get an understanding for the primacy for the Word of God over and above experience, including astonishing and miraculous experience.  Then I’d move on to Deuteronomy 13:1-5 and pour over that until you get an understanding of how actual signs and wonders have never rightly supported unbiblical doctrine.  In Israel, the true miracle working person who preached unbiblical doctrine was to be ignored.  The question becomes “when did those things change?”

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Cindy Jacobs?! Like Cindy Jacobs Cindy Jacobs?!'” Unger


24 thoughts on “Some Thoughts on Dr. Brown’s response to me…

  1. Dear Mennoknight, I’m asking you to send, if possible, the first one in this series out again. Without it, I can’t give a cogent response. The person shown in this videos i have never heard of and the discernment of The Holy Spirit immediately warns against taking her seriously. I’m very interested in the MacArthur sections, after hearing him for relatively long periods on the car radio and being in disagreement with some of his statements as well. I hope you and your family are doing well, I’m still recovering or I would find or at least look closely for the e-mail myself. Thanks. marie +++

    • Marie, I’m not sure what you’re asking for. Are you wanting me to post the first post of this series? It’s linked on this post (the words “one time” link to it in the first paragraph).

      Is that what you were looking for?

  2. “yet many non-charismatics who follow him embrace an extremely dangerous version of the “once saved, always saved” doctrine. Why the double standard here?”

    This is a quote from the Michael Brown article– I find it ironic for him to term MacArthur’ s alleged lack of a double standard concerning OSAS and folks becoming antinomian considering JMac’s Lordship salvation stance……..doesn’t line up.

    Ms. Jacob’s, in the one video I watched, probably just forgot to have an interpreter present before she “tongue spoked”.

    • Thanks Doug. I saw that confusion in Brown’s line of thinking too. I’ll probably put up a second post of response that will mention some of those “less troubling but still troubling” issues.

  3. People like Jacobs and the rest of them think they are Holy Spirit “answering machine”. They actually believe that they get a “special revelation” OUTSIDE of the Scripture. They all have a leaky canon. They give a lip service to Sola Scripture but they do not mean it and never act in light of it. Providing cheap ammunition for Romanist apologists. For Dr.Brown to align himself with this crazy bunch speaks volumes but then again is his past that much different? Is it? With his role and support for Brownsville “Revival”?

    • Thanks for the thoughts Despeville.

      I honestly am losing all hesitancy to speak out really harshly against people who are so adamant that the scriptures are insufficient to address the issues of life…or that they can redefine biblical terms on the basis of their experience/weight of fame.

      I have often been aware that Dr. Brown was part of the Brownsville revival, but that was a little before my time and I’ve been admittedly ignorant of it (and not really wanting to find out). Now that this has come up, and Brown has aligned himself with clear and obvious false teachers, I honestly and divided between calling him to repentance and simply ignoring him.

      Honestly, is he ever going to give me an actual listen? Will he do so for MacArthur?

      • “Honestly, is he ever going to give me an actual listen? Will he do so for MacArthur?”


        The answer as I understand is NEVER unless by the supernatural act and leading of God. One has to really wonder how is it possible for Michael Brown who teaches so many be so ignorant of the blatant heresy of “gobbledygook languages” crowd? The answer is sin. We all have it and I do as well. We all struggle with it but sin can blind us to so much. The difference is I am not a teacher like Michael Brown is and he will be judged way more harshly in this regard as James 3:1 teaches. Yes it is and will be MEGA KRIMA.

      • Mennoknight, as far as receiving an answer, whether it be by e-mail or writing, there is a possibility he is unaware of your queries and the assistant themselves is deleting the answers. It’s been done many times, for many reasons. Other times, it’s the person you’re writing giving the directive if it does not agree with them, shred it. It happens in all walks of life. Don’t ask me how I know that….

  4. Hey Lyndon,
    I’m a TMS grad as well. I have appreciated discovering your blog the last couple of weeks. Good stuff.

    I too have benefited from Michael Brown’s materials, particularly his stuff on Jewish evangelism and interacting with cultural homosexuals.

    With that said, however, I am becoming increasingly troubled by the associations he has among the charismatic groups, because they are not just “continuationists” but full on heretics as you document above.

    Regarding his stint with the Brownsville revival, I had occasion a few months ago to witness a twitter exchange between Dr. Brown and a pastor in NW Arkansas who grew up in the 90s at Brownsville with his family attending that church. He pulled no punches telling Dr. Brown how the wacked out theology he was exposed to at that church totally messed up his understanding of God and the Christian life for nearly a decade until he got straightened out by good Bible teaching. One example was the fact that an 8 year old boy was allowed the pulpit in which he gave a prophecy that was received by all as a genuine word of the Lord.

    It’s stuff like that which is passed off as a genuine move of the Spirit that in my opinion reveals the terrible error that can come out of the charismatic movement.


    • Hey Fred,

      I’m a fan of Hip & Thigh and have appreciated your blogging for several years, though with a newborn and a bunch of other insanity in my life I basically don’t read any blogs these days…

      I’m laughing at how you even found little old me!

      Now, I just have to clarify: at Brownsville, was an eight-year-old-boy given the pulpit and allowed to deliver a prophecy?

      I too have seen absolutely idiotic things done and defended with the “don’t quench the Spirit cause he MIGHT be possibly working” line. I was once at a charismatic church where we had a spiritual warfare training seminar and learning “demon sniffing”, where you learn that certain smells (when the spontaneously appear) can indicate demonic presence.

      I think the scent of paprika means there’s a demon of lust around you. Just fyi.

      • Yes, you are very kind. I bet I do have it, I retain all your columns in a file marked Mennoknight. Mennoknight, you know my learning level is lower in comparison to you and your peers, if this were a game show it’s doubtful I’d win first place.

        I told you about my sensings only the sensing are from HIM and all Glory has to go to HIM, it is mandated. I feel she is CONTRIVED.

        A ”Leviathon”, speaking in terms of Job 41, is a giant creature of the ocean. Correct me if wrong. I feel/sense she uses these unfamiliar words AGAINST people who want to believe in the True Trinity.

        And she either does not care what occurs to improper preachers or is not aware of it. That is one scary lady. +++

        I have to shake off the unnerving of her ”sermon”. Praying for the best for you and Mrs. Mennoknight and family, may His Blessings pour down unexpectedly upon you all. +++

      • Mennonknight, Thank you very much for responding more later. I do recall a Verse surprising me, it was to the effect “He chooses you, not the other way around” and a similar verse Faith is a gift and another verse where it is HIM that gives the gifts through His Son. I know your busy wanted too say YES that’s my belief, what you wrote in the 2nd paragraph. I will look at the verses.

        When it comes to homosexuals, etc., I came to the conclusions #1 I was tired of hearing so many people including that segment of society focus on their details I don’t want to hear. #2 Finally, I came to the decision I was not noticing anything in The Bible telling me to mistreat homosexuals, etc.
        #3 Definitely The Trinity had the Rules. #4 I didn’t see anywhere I was too mistreat them. Then there is the genetic argument for this group. All I can say is Bingo, gambling and alcolism ran rampant in my family maternal side. I hate Bingo. I use coupons. I almost became an alcoholic until Mom said ”what is wrong with you don’t you remember I warned you? and two concurrent ulcers stopped me. So I stopped. Years later in a bulk club, was in liquour line saw the liquor I used to drink and foam started coming uncontrollably out of my mouth people were asking if I was alright I think I told them “Yes, I’m alright. I used to drink and can’t believe the reaction I’m having seeing the liquour”. Nobody judged me. Handed me a lot of Kleenex.
        That follows a recent point of yours about illness: I remember thanking Him for the ulcers, stopping the drinking before I was totally into it. I thought “He really must love me”. I don’t know why I’m telling all this, I guess because I’m awake with back pain and this BLOG is wonderful. +++

      • Oh! I can give a VERY dangerous example of taking it too far: I had redeveloped panic attacks. After 20 years when a dentist injected into my bloodstream directly 7X anesthetic and 2 weeks later: “panic attacks” exactly the same symptoms. The fact mom had them as well didn’t help. Except I was already 33 and never had one. So, 20 years later they re-occur. Panic attacks are not considered a mental illness and after years of research, no cause has been found. I didn’t want my GP to treat me, for over 20 years he’d treated me. I said ”oh no way, I want a good psychiatrist for this” No. It was as if I was a prisoner. It went on for nine months. Beta-Blockers despite no heart problem. Small dose xanax. Bed bound most of time. Kept cards. Of Blood pressure. Blood pressure would go so low as to 45/50 or lower. I didn’t give up I considered it my job to follow Christ’s teachings “According to your faith be it done” and discovered: PLEASE BE AWARE OF THE COUNTRY YOUR DOCTOR IS FROM, I WAS PRAYED OVER OFTEN BY THEM AND JUST THOUGHT IT WAS PRAYER. NO. IT TURNED OUT THEY WERE FILIPINO CHARISMATIC AND BELIEVED PANIC ATTACKS WERE FROM THE ENEMY.
        It was another WIN for HIM, HIS MERCIES SAVED MY LIFE AGAIN. +++

  5. Oh, Mennoknight. I am worried. Even after finally letting go of a certain church starting with a “C” and fighting the brainwashing every day, even after taking a Bible Course, I believed you cannot lose your Salvation. I was just starting to wonder because the ex- keeps doing very sinful sins if Salvation can be lost, or never even attained. I don’t want to lose my Salvation. Yet there I was a few days before your blog came out about losing Salvation. I will persist in understanding, both out of curiosity and the past in my family origins. I still love Him more than anyone else. +++

    • Marie, I’ll respond more in detail later, but I’m very convinced by the Scripture that salvation is a giving of the sheep (those who truly believe) from the owner of the sheep (God) to the good shepherd (Christ).

      If that is what salvation IS (at least among the persons of the Godhead); if I am a gift from the Father to the Son, then I don’t factor into the equation and I cannot leap out of the Father’s hand.

      I’d look at John 6:37-40, 6:44 and 10:28-30 to start with. There are many more passages, but those 3 clearly sort out the relationship between the Father and the Son in salvation.

  6. Sorry! I even researched www all I could put in was Brownsville boy preaches — nothing came up.

    I can attest 100% I recall seeing an internet clip with a small boy (African-American) in a Church regaling the audience and it was an internet sensation. It could be on youtube. The boy I saw was not at the pulpit and he was preaching, not speaking in tongues. If that helps someone with more information search clearly for it.

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  10. “land where Africans, Asians or any Natives have lived…ever), it can be a problem for you”
    This is very funny brother.
    Canada is obviously full of these people groups so you must be concerned.
    Isaiah 27 describes the Lord slaying the serpent or sea monster leviathan with a great and powerful sword and the asherah poles no longer being able to stand at a time when Israelites return to worship the Lord on the holy mountain in Jerusalem. Praise God He’s awesome.
    I like Mike Brown too and am sure he’d rather be preaching the gospel than listening to the NARcissists. As far as theology goes there’s quite a variety available – Bapticostals who combine no subsequent baptism in the Holy Spirit with laying on of hands for healing; Anglicans who rise first as the dead in Christ ; Gigsters who are in the ministry for personal fundraising endeavours; and the aforementioned Africans who cast out devils. Freely you have received, freely give. God Bless You and thanks for your blog.

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