A Second Response by Dr. Brown

Now, Dr. Michael Brown is a busy person and has far more to worry about than some little blog from another country.  I definitely get that, and yet yesterday he responded to me not once, but twice.  I want to recognize that he went far out of his way to address my concerns, which speaks a good positive volume about him as a gentleman.  As before, I won’t respond much (yet) except that I take his claims at not meaning to be condescending at face value.  He wrote a short response that sure sounded dismissive and whatnot, but I fully understand that raw text doesn’t infallibly transmit tone.  If he says he meant well, I’ll take his claims at face value and not bring them up again.

Now apparently he’s been bugged by a few people about being condescending to me, and that seemed to be the main thrust of his appearance on my blog.  Still, here’s his comment from the comment section in italics (I thought I’d post this as a main post since some couldn’t find it):

Just a quick note (and my apologies in advance for not being able to interact further).

Please forgive me if my response to you sounded condescending. I actually responded when requested to on my FB page and it was because of the respectful nature of your post that I took time to respond — but in the midst of lots of other writings. So, again, if I offended you by the tone or sounded condescending, please forgive me, as I did not intend to talk down to you.

Also, I totally respect the doctrine of perseverance of the saints, and although I differ with it, I never speak against it; I speak out against once saved always saved, which Pastor MacArthur also rejects (while holding to the P of Tulip). (Remember that I was a 5-point Calvinist from 1977-1982, preaching it with zeal.) My point was that I’ve heard from many “followers” of Pastor MacArthur who hold to OSAS, and because it is so dangerous, I was asking why he hasn’t held conferences to focus on this abuse alone — hence the “double standard.”

That being said, since I have written whole books about superficiality and error among my Charismatic brothers and sisters, and so the real question comes down to whether the NT gifts of the Spirit are to be normative for today, and that’s obviously where we differ greatly.

Again, I wish I could interact more (I’ve not even read all the comments here), but it was brought to my attention today that my response seemed condescending, so I wanted to clear that up with an apology for anything that was not rightly expressed in my response.

May God’s grace and goodness be yours! (Feel free to write to me directly and privately through my AskDrBrown FB page or through my website.)

So there you go.

There’s a bunch I want to say, but I’ve got sermon prep to do and want to avoid running off on tangents that I’m sure many will pick up on.

Also, I’d ask any and all readers to not spam or bother Dr. Brown.  He doesn’t owe me a response (though I’m grateful for the 2 he’s given me) and he’s a far busier man than myself with a boatload of responsibilities.  He most certainly does not have time for blog fighting.  Feel free to comment away, but remember that being hounded by cessationists/MacArthurites only will reinforce his (hopefully wrong) ideas that we’re a bunch of hateful nut-jobs.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I’ll respond soon enough” Unger


4 thoughts on “A Second Response by Dr. Brown

  1. Of course Dr. Brown doesn’t owe you a response. He was only going the extra mile with you, showing the love of Jesus, that Calvinistic cessationists struggle to do because they really don’t know the Holy Spirit nor the love of God as born again Christians ought.

    And practically everybody’s take on MacArthurites being unthinking, hateful, mocking “nut-jobs” is a done deal – signed, sealed & delivered – because of what cessationists have vomited out of their very own mouths for far too long. So, there ya go, it’s reap what you sow.

    You and I will reap. And I tremble to think of what cessationists will reap later when they stand face-to-face with the Lord Jesus Christ, at His judgment seat, to give an account…

    “Yo dude, I don’t think You really heal the sick anymore (do You?) or deliver those who are oppressed by demons (has that ever happened since the first century?) because like man, wow, I’m kinda clueless about that, and I was so duped by Warfield and a bunch of other blind guys who believe You stopped being the King of kings and now You want everybody to stay super sick and totally demon possessed, and so like I rejected the testimony of Isaiah and Matthew and the rest of the NT, and like what is demon possession anyway? Is Satan even real? I was seeking a sign, bro, and You only gave me Jonah. That’s not cool. Do I need to repent? What is unbelief?”

    Have fun with all of your other lame excuses.

    The worst sin of all is unbelief.

    • Kate,

      Thanks for your, well, rather unvarnished judgment of someone you don’t know from a hole in the wall.

      Kate, just fyi – Not all cessationists are marijuana smoking surfers.

      I noticed your slightly stereotype.

      The worst sin of all isn’t unbelief. The worst sin of all is attributing the works of God to the devil. That’s in Mark 3:22-30.

      So, we’re not going to get anywhere unless we start working through the scriptures. I’ll be the one to point us there.

      Here’s a simple question for you:

      QUESTION – Was the gift of tongues in Acts 2:5-13 a gift of speaking earthly languages or non-earthly languages?

  2. “I took time to respond — but in the midst of lots of other writings. So, again, if I offended you by the tone or sounded condescending, please forgive me, as I did not intend to talk down to you.”

    Notice that M.Brown does not admit to be condescending even though he surely was and noticed by many. He only states that what he wrote to you might have “sounded condescending”…. Which is another evasion of his.
    Also he admits that he may “sounded condescending” because he was in “the midst of lots of other writings” so that would be indicative that those other writings were condescending for yours to sound like condescending because written in the midst of them? More troubling actually. I lost all respect for this man that I tried to keep. I am too old to not see the games he is playing. Sad perhaps that is the influence of all these false teachers that are friends of his. Well 1 Corinthians 15:33 exemplified…

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