Recognizing the Liberal Lobotomy

I was reading one of the blogs that I lurk on and I saw a post from the author on Christians and Homosexuality.  It was so full of biblical and category errors that I honestly think I know what the author meant, but I cannot even be sure what it would look like because the author is so far removed from making coherent, biblical sense.  Here’s a choice quote (talking about homosexuals):

We will debate the few biblical texts that are relevant to homosexuality for a few years yet [and we should], but the overwhelming weight of the biblical narrative, indeed the very core of the Gospel message is that God loves and accepts people unconditionally, especially those on the margins.

Stop and consider that for a moment.  That’s what I call the “liberal lobotomy”; it’s where you simply toss out self-contradictory words to describe your self-contradictory ideas about something and hope nobody asks any questions because you have some $0.02 biblical allusion in there somewhere (i.e. toss in “God is love” and people will be afraid to say anything because who in their right mind would doubt that God is love, right?).

The author is essentially saying “we’ll debate the passages that directly address the issue of homosexuality and marriage, but the passages that don’t directly address the issue are the ones that will define the range of acceptable interpretations”.  So, the plain and clear meaning of 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 is somehow overthrown by the “overwhelming weight of the biblical narrative”, which is usually shorthand for “whatever idea is en vogue in my circle”.  That’s not Christian thinking and it’s not even in the same area code as responsible biblical exegesis.  True Christians have been fighting the en vogue ideas from the very beginning of the church (temple prostitution, idolatry, gnosticism, etc.).

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Lyndon “No, I won’t link to it” Unger


9 thoughts on “Recognizing the Liberal Lobotomy

  1. It’s interesting how people can grab a one-sided Biblical motif out of it’s embedded context and limitation, and then proceed to explain away all passages one disagree with by appealing to that motif.
    So often I see people appeal to God’s Love as the end all, as a slogan without actually having done an adequate study on God’s love in relations to His other attributes. Of course that doesn’t take away from your point of eisegesis going on…

  2. I find it very difficult to understand which perspectives are correct or incorrect. It seems as though it’s a matter of chance what you believe with regards to certain matters such as homosexuality (but more so with topics such as Cessationism for me personally). I find that I, as a Christian, need to rely pastors/teachers to understand many bible topics but they may be preaching incorrect theology. If we’re having to sort out whether our pastors are preaching the truth what’s the point of having a pastor or following a teacher? Most pastors have a degree in theology (or related field) I’d assume so if they can’t figure out the truth how is a lay person meant to?

    I realize that the matter you discussed above did not relate to a pastor of a church specifically ( but rather a blogger); however, I still think this applies…

    How are we to know what to believe (about cessationism for example) when so many different people (even biblical experts) seem to assert different beliefs? I find this ambiguity to be fairly disheartening because virtually any Christian could be believing incorrect ideas because the bible does not always say everything in black and white terms that are easily understood.

    I’ve always liked what you’ve said (from decades past) and wrote in your blog but, realistically, I’m merely trusting that you’re correct. While reading the bible for oneself is important, I’d never be able to outargue a Mark Driscoll or Jack Van Impe and would likely be second guessing every single belief I hold that they could provide seemingly contradictory evidence against.

    It’s has gotten much longer than i intended. My whole point was that it’s much too easy to be misled and far too difficult to discover the truth about certain biblical topics. If that is the case, who are we to follow?

    • I’m not a minister. I did take a valid course in Bible Study. “If that is the case, who are we to follow?” the answer is: what is written in the Bible. I will always cherish when the Bible Teacher said: “Always look at who is being spoken too, under what circumstances, and the time the speaking is taking place”. He said he ran into a lot of people who would ask him questions that clearly indicated they did not know the differences between the Old Testament and New Testament. It’s very important to understand the differences. Either pain energizes me, or the fact the Word of God should be taken properly is a very serious matter to me. Bless you, Dale

  3. I’m up early, due to pain. On this issue, I comprehend. I have known: a trans-esxual, one homosexual couple, a lesbian teenager who actually harrassed me and other homosexuals. The experts want to say it comes from DNA. Every single time I’m forced by surprise to read a sentence by the ”great Someset Maughm” I cringe. The ”couple” I knew were, oddly, very dear to me. Frank would sink into a female sort of depression when his companion was on business trips, because of infidelity. I was in my 20’s. I already knew “God loves the Sinner but not the Sin”. As time went on, I realized once again man had caused homosexuality and lesbianism either thru pure lust or through genetics caused by man’s actions. Once Free Will occurred, it was the “Starting Line” for the human race. Oh, how about tackling the issue often brought up by non-believers incest started our human population.

    Ultimately, all I know was I’d bring Frank coffee to cheer him up and as time as gone on, been unable to judge yet am completely unable to accept the conduct. I’m not God and He has reasons for His hatred of their behaviors.
    That’s good enough for me and I am not for gay marriage and it’s very rare a couple actually makes it a lifetime together. All this occurred just in my everyday business life!!!

  4. There’s something been bothering me a very long time: to me The Bible’s historical value and also predicting future events accurately. Anyone who studies the Bible with a good teacher, or even, on their own, reads it, realizes The Bible proves its’ validity repeatedly.

    What if a homosexual or a lesbian does believe in God and Christ as being the Son of God. Are they saved? Is someone who will not see to their responsibilties yet spend up to 8 hours and over nightly on porn yet will regale all within reach of the Words of God a saved Christian?

    These questions …. for such a long time. So I will ask a true Mennonite. There is a lot finally emerging about the Amish and it is flattering. It’s as if their public relations crumbled, revealing too much of the truth of Amish life. So, I trust Lyndon Unger more on these issues. If he ever gets a chance to respond. 🙂

  5. AHA! Mennoknight truly is proof a scholar and Preacher can have just as much as others: if you look to your right, you will see a cleverly worded:
    “BLOGS OF PEOPLE I’M MARRIED TO” well of course there’s only one Mrs. Mennoknight LOL LOL LOL got past me all this time!

  6. Learn to proofread. I should have to write it 100 times. Regarding the Amish statement, I was saying there is a lot emerging about the Amish that is NOT flattering. I’ve been watching a variety of shows re the Amish and to me it proves again The Bible: human nature does not change. Each generation is just like the last in many respects.

    Anyway, I trust Mennoknight’s take on Biblical matters. He’s not just following rules, he’s truly immersed in the Bible. Well, the pain is lessening up. I’ll return to my (usually) quiet self now. 🙂 +++

  7. Thank you for your post Marie. I agree that the bible holds the answers but if people like John Piper believe something (like continuationism) that may not be true, how is the lay person to know what to believe about such things? I’m sure a bible course will assist one in better understanding the bible but there are people who have theology degrees or people who are actual ministers who still seem to be reading / interpreting the bible incorrectly, so that doesn’t really solve the problem I see before me.

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