7 Anvils

Well, apparently some people are interested in talk about cessationism and the charismatic movement.  As of today, this is my best month ever for blog traffic.  I would love to post some stuff up about charismatic issues, but I was thinking today about how those conversations go; normally there’s a whole lot of talking past one another.

So, I’ve decided that I’m going to write another series of posts to (hopefully) lay the foundation for profitable discussion.  I’m going to write a little about some of the changes in thinking/theology that were watershed shifts in my move from continuationism to cessationism; some of the foundational beliefs out of which other beliefs flowed.

I’m going to call the series “7 Anvils that shape or smash”, and I’ll even give you hint to where we’re going.  As far as I can rightly remember, here are the 7 anvils on which my understanding of continuationism was smashed and my understanding of cessationism was shaped:

1.  The Inspiration of Scripture.

2.  The Character of God.

3.  The Noetic effects of sin.

4.  Biblical Hermeneutics

5.  Biblical Exegesis

6.  Biblical Doctrine

7.  Biblical Teaching on False Teachers


I’ll address these ideas over the coming few weeks (seeing that this is mostly new stuff, it will take a fair bit more time to write), and I’ll explain how each of these has tremendous influence on whether or not you embrace or escape charismatic theology.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I have an anvil induced headache” Unger


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