Shepherd’s Conference 2013

In case you’re at home today and able to turn something on to listen to, the Shepherd’s conference is live-streamed here.  For those of my readers that don’t know, the Shepherd’s Conference is a pastor’s conference at my alma matter, the Master’s Seminary.  3,500 pastors coming together for 3 days of teaching from some of the biggest names in conservative evangelicalism.  If you have music on in the background, or if you have a little time, toss on the live-stream of the conference.  It runs until March 9th.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I WISH I could go to Shepherd’s conference just ONCE in my life!” Unger


8 thoughts on “Shepherd’s Conference 2013

  1. Dear God In Your Son’s Name, Our Lord and Saviour The Christ, Please fulfill Mennoknights wish and turn it into a Prayer to give him the Way to attend The Shepherd’s Conferences. You say in Your Word You Want and Like to Be Spoken to Constantly About Anything and Everything!!! Please allow Your Ever-Roving Eye looking for someone worthy to Bless to ”see” Mennoknight, Your Faithful Servant who ministers to those of us needing and seeking Your Truth. THANK YOU. Send. Amen. +++

  2. I heard this year’s Shepherd’s Conference was around 4,000 people…so many people that I didn’t get books and they said it will be mailed to me…hopefully.

  3. I am Jim Jackson Jr. That’s not my real name but I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t use his mouth (or keyboard) for much beyond insulting people and repeating myself ad naseum, so it’s best that people don’t know who I am. Also, I don’t know how to positively discuss things that I disagree with, so I get angry and then do irrational things (like spamming a blog with repeated comments that don’t actually say anything). The comment I’ve previously written has been edited to this one by the blog administrator and, if I decide to actually interact or comment on the topic of a post, I’ll be welcome to come back on here and say whatever I want (including aggressive disagreement). I didn’t think the admin was serious when they warned me about my spamming, but now I’ve learned that they were.

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