Book Review – Cold Case Christianity

It’s January 17th and I haven’t blogged a thing!  OH DEAR!

Well, I’ve been doing some reading as of late, so here’s a link to my review of a new apologetic book that is actually one of the best introductory apologetics texts I’ve read in a long while:

Cold Case Christianity

Enjoy the review, and definitely feel free to toss thoughts, critiques, or insults my way.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I Have A Case of the Cold” Unger


8 thoughts on “Book Review – Cold Case Christianity

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  2. I still don’t comprehend what now seems to be a ”science” to Apologetics. I am going to look-up the definition, again. Your review was well-written, I just am willing to admit I could not comprehend the terminologies utilized. I thought, from Bible Studies, it is obvious the Bible confirms it’s Truth thru the links between verses throughout the OT and the NT. I’m not in your league, yet willing to investigate! Years ago, I DID check-out “Apologetics” websites, extensively. They all ended-up, to me, being from the viewpoint of the writers only, instead of based on the Bible KJV the websites I looked at appeared more ”denominationally” based in outlook, so I found (finally) they were not of any value to me. Maybe I’m wrong. I’ll take a second look, again. Beginning with the definition of “Apologetics”. Thanks. +++

  3. I was in for a big shock when I went to www … the definition says in a more concrete way what I already thought, and according the definition given, I tend towards “Calvinistic Rationalism”!!!

    “apologetics (Concise Encyclopedia)
    Branch of Christian theology devoted to the intellectual defense of faith. In Protestantism, apologetics is distinguished from polemics, the defense of a particular sect. In Roman Catholicism, apologetics refers to the defense of the whole of Catholic teaching. Apologetics has traditionally argued positively to quell believers’ doubts and negatively against opposing beliefs to remove obstacles to conversion. It attempts to take objections to Christianity seriously without giving ground to skepticism. Biblical apologetics defended Christianity as the culmination of Judaism, with Jesus as the Messiah. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries a number of Christian writers defended the faith against the criticisms of Greco-Roman culture, and in the 5th century St. Augustine wrote his monumental City of God as a response to further criticisms of Christianity following the sack of Rome in 410. John Calvin’s “natural theology” attempted to establish religious truths by rational argument. The late 18th-century argument that a universe exhibiting design must have a designer continues to be used; apologists have also dealt with the challenges of Darwinism, Marxism, and psychoanalysis. See also Apologist.”

    Wish you would write a book Regarding Methodologies…how to spot biased Apologetics versus Genuine Apologetics!!! Please at least perhaps a column??? Thanks, whatever you decide. Good to get the brain cells ”thinking outside of theirselves” LOL marie +++

  4. Alright: I read about John Calvin. I am not a Calvinist according to all the stated beliefs, esp. in regard to ”predestination”, for ”predestination” would, to me, conflict with Free Will. Here’s the link to John Calvin. I was VERY impressed he wrote the first (known) book on the “Institutes of Religion”!!!

    All I know right now is I am a Believer. Here is a beautiful song by the great Joe South: it is called “Be A Believer”

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