The Endgame of Liberalism…

It’s been said that the only thing we learn from history is that we never learn from history.  This obliviousness to history is happening right under our proverbial noses right now in the absolute meltdown of the US Episcopal church.  Here’s an article that will absolutely make your head spinAbandonment of the clear teaching of scripture for the popular perspectives of contemporary paganism (i.e. embracing liberalism), without fail, always destroys churches, families, and people.

It has happened with Robert Schuller and the Christian Reformed church.  It has happened in the Presbyterian Church USA.  It has happened in the Worldwide Anglican Church.  If has happened in the United Church of Canada.  It has happened in the United Lutheran Church.

It will happen in the Mennonite Brethren Church.  It is happening in the Mennonite Brethren Church.  I’m constantly watching it happen in the Mennonite Brethren Church.

It will not be stopped by bloggers. 

It will not be stopped by housewives. 

It must be stopped by repentance and return to the Lord among the leadership; people in leadership who have the power to make the systemic changes needed to return a national church conference to the Lord.

Who will be that man who wields the hammer that smashes the rocks to pieces and redeems the sheep whose false shepherds have chopped them up for their own stew?

Who will be that man who holds the standard of God’s glory and God’s word high instead of low? 

Who will be that man who responds to Mark Baker from the scripture, calls him to repent, and then (when he doesn’t repent) demands his job and runs him out?

“Demands his job”?  What needlessly harsh and violent words!  Not very Mennonite! 

Well, if you think that pointing the spotlight on a heretic, calling for repentance, and then removing a heretic is “not very Mennonite”, you don’t know much about Jesus’ teaching on biblical pacifism at all.  That’s not surprising, since I’ve never once met a Mennonite who did.

Yeah, that sounds cocky, but it ain’t cocky if you can back it up.

For simple basic starters, here’s a test:

Can you to explain Matthew 5:9, 5:43-48 and Numbers 25:1-13 to me without playing the “Old Testament is Old and the New Testament is better” card?  The same God (i.e. Jesus Christ) wrote them all and they have the exact same authority behind them.  Matthew 5 does not trump Numbers 25; that’s the first sign that you’ve had theliberal lobotomy.

I’ve gotta go and move now.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “True Pacifist” Unger


10 thoughts on “The Endgame of Liberalism…

  1. so sorry for not commenting been and still ill this one revved me up so much I had to respond: Excellent application to many churches of other denominations. hope so much entire family is well. xxx to all of you Thank you for what you do in your witnessing and testimony and extreme knowledge Blessings in His Name, Selah.

    • Thanks for the thoughts Marie. It should rev you up! I get revved up thinking about all the wolves that are destroying my own friends and relatives, and yet if I say anything, I’m branded “unloving” and “arrogant”, no matter how much I document and back up my words.

      Keep on pressing closer to know the Lord, Marie.

      • Thank you for saying “Keep on pressing to know the Lord, Marie”. I was convicted in my heart recently by how daily I would listen and read and study the word. Then I began to recall Proverbs 7 and Paul speaking of pressing on…and felt I had been making the ultimate mistake: placing problems in terms of priority ahead of God, instead of God FIRST AND HANDING HIM THE PROBLEMS and discernment through the Holy Spirit. Like a child, sliding backwards. Thanks for your wisdom and sharing it so well. No person should come ahead of the Lord Our God, either, He has to be The Priority. Thank you so much. (eh eh sorry have to admit keep wanting to call you “Felix Unger” sorry finally had to admit it 🙂 }

  2. Wow, that was a very illuminating article. It’s a great reminder that cultural accomodation of Christianity at the risk of diluting the Gospel and Orthodoxy ends up dying rather than “surviving.” Thanks for this one.

    • Yeah Jimmy; the sales pitch of Liberalism is a warning against what will happen if you embrace Liberalism…but it’s never articulated that way.

      Phyllis Tickle, Brian McLaren, Rob Bell, Doug Pagitt, Scott McKnight, etc. all sound the alarm that the times are changing and evangelicalism will be left behind if it doesn’t change with the times, but the changes that they suggest are a blade across the throat of evangelicalism.

    • Religion must promote goodness?

      I totally agree.

      The highest goodness possible is found in my own unceasing happiness, and my happiness is most unceasing when everyone gives me every possible ounce of their money, obedience and devotion.

      Also, I am most happy when my enemies are brtually killed and their possessions become mine.

      How do you define “goodness”?

  3. As ill as I am, the above comment you made, Mennoknight, made me laugh and giggle. I am forcefully reminded of when I asked God thru His Son Our Lord and Saviour Christ to please help me “Know the Truth and The Truth Will Set you Free” because I had a mere inkling of what pain that might involve. Our Saviour Himself stated there was no higher good than to give one’s life for anohter or others, again yet I do not know the Scripture locations, that is not good, imo. You have me stumped on human goodness, it really astonished me when I learnt He was without sin. Yet, so often, never do we focus on His expressions of anger and witty sarcasm!!! This taught me these emotions are to carefully be utlilized. Sometimes I think of when He stood before Pontius Pilate and Pilate stated “So, you are the King of the Jews”??? And How breathtakingly brave, in-your-face, boldly, calmly, our Lord replied: “If you say so”… !!!

  4. …and when Job was arguing with God and He replied “and where were you when I hung the moon and stars in the sky?” What a wondrous, great and mighty Trinity we have the Grace to approach!!!

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