Some Resources for making sense of “Gay Christianity”…

Seeing that I’ve had some serious interest on my previous linking to James White’s review of a presentation on “Gay Christianity”, I thought I would toss up a resource list for those who are interested in reading more.  The following literature will give you a well rounded library on the issue and equip you for 90% of the argument content that is out there that deals with the scriptures and homosexuality:

Pro Books:

1. John Boswell’s work Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe. (Boswell is one of the main Homosexual intellectuals who deals with the Biblical texts)

2. John Boswell’s work Christianity, Social Tolerance and Homosexuality.

3. Jack Rogers’ work Jesus, the Bible and Homosexuality.

4. John Dwyer’s work Those 7 References.

5. Daniel Helminiak’s work What the Bible Really says about Homosexuality. (This is another very influential book, with the forward written by John Shelby Spong).

6. Louis Crompton’s work Homosexuality and Civilization. (This is one of the main historical works that deals promotes the idea that homosexuality and gay marriage were found and even normalized at various times in history).

7. Bernadette Brooten’s book Love Between Women: Early Christian Responses to Female Homoeroticism.

Con Books:

1. Robert Gagnon’s work The Bible and Homosexual Practice. (This is a large and scholarly work, dealing with a huge number of pro-homosexual arguments.  Gagnon isn’t a conservative evangelical, but he’s a very competent scholar).

2.James White’s work The Same Sex Controversy. (White’s book works through every key biblical text and presents what is likely the best exegetical treatment of the issues at hand.)

3. Erwin Lutzer’s work The Truth about Same Sex Marriage. (This book deals more with the biblical understanding of families and marriage)

4. Michael Brown’s work A Queer Thing Happened to America. (This isn’t really a biblical work, but deals comprehensively with the history of the pro-homosexual movement; a definite resource worth having).

Con Articles:

1. Richard B. Hayes response to John Boswell on Romans 1.

2. Author Robert Gagnon’s own website articles. (Lots of rebuttals and critiques of popular pro-homosexual literature)

Also, check out the archives of Alpha & Omega ministries, as they have plenty of articles that deal with the subject matter.

Con Audio:

I would recommend listening to the 2008 lectureship series on homosexuality from my alma matter, The Masters Seminary, where there’s a whole lot of good exegetical and biblical responses to a majority of the biblical argumentation of the pro-homosexual camp.

May these resources help you both have a greater understanding of the strategies of the enemies of Christ and an awareness of the best responses that are available to the church.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Punching the Tsunami” Unger


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