Church Planting Chronicles #1- Choosing A Name

Well, as has been previously said, I’m part of a church plant now.  There’s a million-and-one things to do, and everything needs to be done right now.

Preparing Bible studies.

Working on doctrinal statements.

Establishing a core group.

Training leadership.


Getting a website.

Finding out exactly where you go to buy communion supplies and wondering why you’re not milking that cash cow instead of church planting.

The list goes on and on.

But, one of the first questions one gets asked is “So what’s it called?”

Everyone wants to know the name, among several other things (location, when it’s starting, will you serve coffee, what time will the coffee be available, will you provide environmentally friendly coffee cups, will you provide liquid creamer or that horrible whitener stuff, will the coffee supplies be paid for from the general church fund or will it be a separate and independent budget line item, will you use dolphin-safe, free-range, cruelty-free, fair-trade coffee or whatever large evil brand their old church used that owned by the Illuminati and will be used to fund the purchase of guillotines in order to behead believers in the tribulation, etc.)

And, as most people know, there’s many types of church names:

There’s the “obviously denominational” name – Second Baptist Church, Free Willy Lutheran Church, Twilight Years United Church, Anything Community Church (where everyone’s name is suspiciously “Thiessen” or “Friesen” or “Penner” and they’re not fooling anyone), Calvary Chapel, etc.

That’s not really on the list of options though since the church I’ll be involved with will be non-denominational (part of the independent Bible Church movement, for those who are interested in such things).

There’s the “hobby horse doctrine” name – Faithful Word AV1611 Vineyard Church, Free Grace Methodist Church, Sovereign Grace Community Church, Dispensational Premillenial Presbyterian Church, etc.

This one isn’t really on the list because “Whole Counsel of God Church” or  “Make Mature Believers Church” just don’t really roll off the tongue.

There’s the “too cool for words” name – Relevant, Happy, Southshore, Safari, Tapestry, etc.

This one really isn’t on the list either because I’m not cool enough to do this sort of church.  I wear a tie when I preach, I think Starbucks is a ripoff and I don’t even own a single Apple product…and I also think pretty much all these churches are generally obnoxiously shallow too.  People who have to try to “be real” or “relevant” are generally horribly artificial and worship secular culture as much as Jesus.

There’s the “location mentioned in scripture” name – Mars Hill Church, Solomon’s Porch Church, Mount of Olives Church, Bethlehem Baptist Church, Calvary Bible Church, etc.

This one is kinda on the radar, but all the awesome names are already taken!  All that’s left is “Caves of Mamre Church”, “Ur of the Chaldeans Church”, “Plains of Megiddo Church” and a few other equally gong ringing options.

So, I was thinking tonight.

I want to have a name that communicates the essence of the church. (like “Jesus” or “Grace”)

I want to have a name that is memorable.

I want to have a name that speaks to the cultural context in which we live.

I want to have a name that will endure and not be the source of regret in a decade.

And tonight, I came up with a perfect name for a Western Canadian church that’s down-to-earth, clearly proclaiming the gospel message and will be here for at least six seasons:


















Does anyone think I’ll have copyright issues with this?

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I really need to learn photoshop” Unger


11 thoughts on “Church Planting Chronicles #1- Choosing A Name

  1. I’m just concerned with the culture now, alot of people will be thinking of cornering Grace as they drive by, you are a very relevant unmistakable Christian Minister and people’s humour has changed are reverent in a clean and pure way of mind. I mean, I wont’ even be able to go to your Church because I’m in Illinois. What about Christian Christ Chuch or Non-Demoninational Christian Church or “Unger’s House of Worship, Non-Demoninational All Welcome please bring own coffee and keep potlucks heated properly” (joking on that one). This is really exciting to me. I would love it if the name were “Christian Biblical Foundational Church”. Only my opinion. xxx Have been ill hope to get caught-up with postings. Whatever the New Church is Named, it will be successful! +++

    • Oh no LOL I just saw the lovely post from Mrs. Mennoknight and am now giggling at the possibility of her name being Grace!!! Happiness and Blessings to you both, sometimes somehow I gaffe it up…x

  2. Reverend Unger, I have come across a writing I subscribe to that is very troubling to me. I am calling upon you in a Ministry way. May I have your permission to send you the information for your discernment??? Please?
    Thank you, Marie. I am asking because to you, I suspect it would be easy for me to comprehend. It is a most upsetting verse to me in a context that scares me. I am beginning to wonder if I should even keep subscribing to the site, it is called “Got” and I started noticing it seems like they let just about anybody put in their ”2 cents” and then this comes along…I could really use some clear obervation, PLEASE. marie

    • Marie – Sure, send whatever is troubling you. I’m in the middle of working out a church plant, preparing sermons, preparing bible studies, working a full time secular job, etc. but I’ll do what I can for you.

      If it’s something where I need to read a book, I make no promises. If it’s something a little faster, I’ll help out if I can.

      P.S. – Websites like “” are websites that I encourage people to stay clear of since there’s no regulations for who can post things and there’s no protection if a nutcase wants to start peddling their insane ideas on there. If you’re wanting to learn and read stuff, I’d send you somewhere a little safer, like Far less chance of you finding total insanity there. (To any lurkers who feel the need to clarify why Grace To You supports the antichrist, feel free to take your disagreements somewhere else. Try – EVERYONE there is smarter than MacArthur and would love another person to brainlessly rant on about what an idiot he is.)

  3. Hi! I was brainstorming for a brand name for a small home based business and I thought of “Corner Grace”. So, I went ahead and typed it up in google to see if anyone had ever came up with this and I stumbled upon your blog. I’m just wondering, did you push through with the church name?

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