Breaking News…

As of Monday night, I have a rather large significant piece of news to announce:

My wife is now an official permanent resident of Canada!  Praise the Lord!  After 18 months of waiting, but now we can go to Costco in Bellingham together!  Hooray!

No longer will I get sent shopping and come home with the wrong type of chicken because I don’t read the package label…no wait.  That has nothing to do with my wife.  Either way, Jen’s an official Canadian resident!  Hooray!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Tony Parsons” Unger


6 thoughts on “Breaking News…

  1. Congratulation to Mrs. Lyndon Unger, Julie, on becoming an official Canadian citizen!!! Also, Congratulation Mr. Unger Is named Lyndon and not “Felix” (you both might be too young, it was a tv show called “The Odd Couple” and “Felix” was an ocd cleaner and hypochrondriac living with “Oscar” the slob…LOL). Second time trying to post. Happy Shopping!!! xxx

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