Where has the dialogue gone?

I was looking for something online and ended up, against my better judgment (and due to a moment of weakness due to curiosity), at the Canadian MB Web forum here, and saw that it was now closed down.  I hadn’t been on there for probably 3 years or more, and I did at one time spend some time there debating an issue or two.  I was, at one time, the “token conservative” guy there and probably wasn’t missed when I didn’t come back…and I would think that I wouldn’t care whether or not the forum was running.  There were, as far as I saw, less than 20 regular contributors and I often wondered how many of the contributors spent hours on there at the expense of “real life” responsibilities (especially when posts take an hour or more to write).  There was conversation about biblical issues and points of theological interest, but the conversations was, um, quite Mennonite (if you have to ask, don’t bother).

Still, I admit that I was sad to see that it was shut down and soon to be archived.

It was an open and official place of public dialogue on important (and sometimes trivial) issues and such places are necessary (and can even be helpful).  Mennonites often talk about the importance of community, and even though the forum wasn’t a replacement for a local body of believers, it was a good accessory.  The MB conference is in dire need of dialogue on many issues and I hope they will find a replacement forum for discussion.  Maybe I’m like John Denver at the RIAA obscenity trials in the 90’s, but I for one am a big fan of open and public dialogue; I may not like what some folks say but history tells us that the minute only one group around the table is allowed to talk, truth becomes the last thing on the table.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I need to sleep on grandma’s feather bed” Unger


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