Want to learn EVERYTHING the Bible says about prayer?



Wait a minute.  The only way that one could learn everything that the Bible says about prayer is to read the entire Bible, specifically looking at the topic of prayer and the individual prayers of every person in scripture.

Well, someone has both been there and done that.

Dr. James Rosscup has literally gone through every single prayer and every single passage discussing prayer in the entire bible and has complied his expositions into a 2, 816 page 4-volume work.  It was only previously available in digital format (due to the sheer colossal nature of the work), but I learned that An Exposition on Prayer is now available ina  hard, beautifully bound and packaged work for only $99 at CBD.  I guarantee that if you want to buy your pastor something for Christmas that will bless both him and your church, this is one book that he doesn’t have but should.  Just a little idea there.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Rosscup has published more than I have blogged” Unger

P.S. – This is what I do with my 19 free minutes this week.  No complaining Cam.


7 thoughts on “Want to learn EVERYTHING the Bible says about prayer?

  1. Due to life, I’m running a bit behind on reading and posting. I thought you might like to know I did located this (curiousity) this is also available on Kindle Whispernet for $79.00 U.S., I like the program because it’s just an app and downloads your content to your p.c. AND is also stored in your records at amazon.com. Just-in-case you’re interested. (I know I am but right now financially it’s out-of-question). I know you’re a Pastor and very much respect the fact yet am reminded of ”Ask not and ye have not” why do you have to wait for Christmas, this would help you and your entire congregation why can’t you just ask for approval for the purchase, it’s the same as a doctor needing newer surgical instruments (to me, anyway). Take Care Marj

  2. Darn it, I meant “You have not because you ask not” and sorry for all the typographical errors. It’s really brrrr cold in ChicagoLand and I’m just waking-up and wow I really went-to-town with the typos…sorry!!! Anyways, you’re a Pastor and dedicated you deserve this great series now and I will pray it comes about by His Will. (6:31 a.m. and COLD) !!!

  3. I’ve wanted for such a very long time to take so many secular statements and correlate them to direct Scripture statements!!! So very many ideas and statements credited to humans are actually from The Word!!! (okay, done for today…except: I wonder how long it took the author to compile this wonderful work!!! HAVE A GREAT DAY ALL

    • Marjorie,

      It took Doc Rosscup 10 years to write this 4 volume work.

      Also, I wasn’t suggesting that someone should buy it for me; I was actually throwing it out there for other people to buy for their respective pastors. It’s a little-known book that would be a welcome resource in any Christian’s library, and I’m guessing that it would be one of those works that would take a person several years to actually make it through.

      • It’s definitely the first series of books I’d consider purchasing, because as a layperson I tend to think and believe The Word has to come first, then possibly more studies by humans. Didn’t mean to offend, yet pray the set comes your way. I particularly like how He and David’s relationship is depicted and it is exciting to think there’s a resource with all the Biblical prayers!!! Thanks, I confess to having studied the Amish community and know Mennonites are an off-shoot of Amish, so I am of course fascinated with the postings. I hope not to have given offense, I don’t believe Teachers should have to buy their school supplies either, so the same train-of-thought carries over to Ministers!!! It’s kind of like being in the military, why should you have to buy your own protection for battle??? Thank you and sorry!
        Marj (that picture looks…just like me!!! haha)

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