Merry Christmas!

Quick Christmas thought here.

How many times have you heard the Christmas story?  Probably many, if you’ve been in church for any length of time.  Everyone seems to hear it year after year and everyone is fairly familiar with it, so each year there’s some sort of secret contest in many churches to try to tell it in some new and interesting way.

Some people tell it from a bizarre perspective.  I once heard a monologue from the perspective of Mary’s donkey.  *facepalm*

Some people try to mine out some gory or fascinating details.  I’ve heard probably a dozen different versions of how many wise men there actually were and where they really came from…most of which were simply guesses based on incorrect facts.  (Roman philosophers?  Indian Mystics?  Chinese Astrologers?  Are you kidding?)

Some people try to integrate video, or music, or tell the story via a funny animation involving Facebook.

Very few actually unpack the narratives of Matthew or Luke and actually explain the stories.

I’m not going to do that here, but I will give some simple thoughts.

When you look at Matthew and Luke, you have to remember that the narrative is driven by the direct discourse (stories are driven along by what people say and the reactions to what is said).

In the narratives, there is divine revelation:

Angels explain the immediately coming Christ, and they explain various details about Jesus to Zechariah, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, the Shepherds, the Wise men, and (indirectly) to Herod.

Then, there is only one of two reactions by every group:

1.  Worship (everyone but Herod)

2.  Warfare (Herod)

The Christmas story sets up the initial coming of Christ and the 2 reactions to that coming.  Either people come to worship him, or people come to wage warfare against him.

The next Christmas that I’m in front of a pulpit, I’m going to preach the Christmas story.

At Christmas time, it’s the time to proclaim to all those who wage war to turn from their rebellion and wage worship.

I am so utterly sad that so many churches think Christmas time is the time to do anything but call warriors to be worshipers.

Just a few minutes of rambling thoughts from a man who hasn’t slept much in 2 days due to a gassy baby.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Praise God that I Praise God” Unger

P.S. – This Christmas, if you are a worshiper, stop and give thanks for that.  That’s a divine regenerating work that God did in your rebellious heart.


9 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!

  1. Congratulations to your wife and yourself and family on the new baby!!! It was also nice to read you help with the baby-care.

    I liked this posting ALOT. Esp. about the aspect of Herod and everyone else’s reactions. And when you listed all the various ways you have seen His Birth Story reinacted, it made me think of the verse where “God sits in the Heavens and laughs”… because the Birth of Our Lord is the Focus so just utilizing Biblical information would be sufficient.

    After reading about the origins of Christmas, and hearing study on the origins of Christmas, well, it fit too well together with what I was witnessing. The main point I learnt was there were already rituals involving trees, (Winter Solstice???) and the Church had to actually bargain literally to combine the pagan rituals with His Birth…far more extensive than just that sentence, I am sure you know more about the origins than myself.

    Happy Christ Day and for the Blessing of a Healthy Baby

    • Thanks, Minister Unger. I enjoy the postings and am learning, too. On a funny side-note, I just recognized the only other “Unger” I heard of was the great character of “Felix Unger”, neat-freak of the world, on “The Odd Couple”!!! LOL The great Tony Randall played the role.

      Thank you for allowing me to post, too. In return, you probably both know this little trick for gassy babies, in case not, I used to hold David (now 22!!!) on my knee, and rub his tiny stomach in a circular motion, ready with the cloth-over-shoulder, and then rub and pat his back. He would sooner or later let out burpity-burps the likes I’d never heard before…:)

      “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…” LOL (diapers)

      • Thanks for the tip Patricia! We’ve been trying everything:

        stomach massages, back massages, hot baths, warm wash cloths, putting him up on the shoulder and patting his bottom, gripe water, etc.

        It’s often hard to tell the difference between gassy and simply cranky due to being overtired, but the Lord has been good and we’ve at least gotten 3 or 4 hours of sleep a night.

        Matt. 24:19 reminds me that things could be far worse!

        • There’s one more thing to try I remember David could not handle more than an ounce at a time, and now I remember I didn’t lean it him right back, it was more back just enough for him to be able to use bottle. Also, I hope this won’t be the case, I was told when I was an infant (wayyyy back in 1955), I would ”arc” my formula: it turned out I was allergic to the iron in the formula!!!

          May the Lord bless all of you in finding the solution.

  2. Oh! Oh! Just remembered when he was born (1989) the current teaching was to ”feed on demand” also…this meant letting the baby let you know when he/she was hungry!!! Actually worked, he was only an infant yet set his own feeding times, before we knew it within 5-6 weeks he was sleeping thru night.

    Sorry for over-posting, I weighed it against not posting and the posting won out. We were skeptical, yet it really worked. When he would have the ”feed me cry” during night, he was fed. He turned out to be an every six hours baby.

    It is good to hear of a new loved life.

  3. I like the idea of warrior angels filling the skies, giving the shepherds the good news. I think that would have terrified them. A sky full of victorian women seems implausible and not very terrifying.

    • Luke 2:7 …and she brought forth her FIRSTBORNE son…

      Luke 2:9 …The Angel of the Lord came upon them and the Glory of the Lord shown round about them and they were sore afraid…

      Luke 2:10 …And the Angel said unto them “Fear Not, For Behold I Bring you Good Tidings of Great Joy which shall be to all people…

      Luke 2:11 …for unto you is borne this day in the City of David, a Saviour, which is Christ the Lord

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