Something Worth Reading

C. Michael Patton takes a shot at hipster, emerging, emergent, ancient-future, etc. “Christianity” that is more concerned with being recognizably exotic or cool than being  Christian.

I highly recommend the article here.

A good response to everyone who likes to show off their theological chops and name-drop unknown (and unorthodox) theologians in polite conversation.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “N.T. Wright?  I’ve never heard of him.  Has he written anything good?” Unger

– (I have heard of NT Wright and I’ve read a fair amount of his stuff.  I simply disagree with him regarding things like the number of “historical facts” about Jesus that we can learn from the 4 gospels...or that we even have 4 gospels…or what “the gospel” is…)


8 thoughts on “Something Worth Reading

  1. Read the article, interesting insight into the study of Apologetics. I couldn’t help thinking of Mars Hill very early on and how the Word also states ”everything old under the sun is new again” and how human nature itself does not change.
    To me, the Bible has to be the most foundational aspect, nothing written by any human can supercede the Bible’s Words, a guideline for life.
    Salvation is simple, carrying out the teachings is complex. Sometimes, I’ve even speculated if it’s possible it was written exactly for the reason to have the ability to reach-out to all individuals who decide to ”take the plunge”. I guess that would be considered a very low-level form of Apologetics.
    Few years back, became aware of Apologetics and for awhile did study it and suddenly recognized it was actually the opinions formed from the aspect of the belief system of the individual or group and the opinions often were the outcome of a particular belief system denominationally. By that time, I had become aware of Mars Hill and Paul.
    After that recognition occurred, I still persisted to see if this was more than just a theory of my own concoction, only to discover for the most part someone who didn’t care for certain Pastors and vice-versa would have them in the ”wrong” category while a different Apologetics site would have them in a ”good” category…it was all opinion.
    So, I enjoy reading reviews by thoughtful people yet still remember thinking the main primary focus has to be on the Bible itself and His Teachings, I’ll only participate in forms of discussion when the writing appeals to me and also the background of the individual. I came to a conclusion basically unless I knew and had studied the entire Word in completion, except for occasional excursions into Apologetics, it’s not beneficial over His Word.
    I believe the author wrote an excellent article yet also unintentionally displayed the ancient and still existing form of outlook as the Pharisee’s did in their time. Without (seemingly) his own recognition, he is describing the never-ending tendency of human nature to even turn the Word of God into a social structure caste system. Well, this is getting too long and thanks for the opportunity to read comments and articles. Thanks very much.

    • Thanks, mennoknight! I really get a kick out of your ”avatar”, if memory serves me correctly, it is Peter Sellers in his role of “Inspector Clueso” (msp?) LOL d’oh just caught-on to the ”clue-so”.

      I hope Mrs. Mennoknight and you have had the addition to your family successfully. I don’t celebrate Christmas with a tree or in standard way anymore, not after learning of the origins. Everyday can be “Christ-mas” from Him 🙂

  2. p.s.: regarding your comment ”or what the gospel is” I do believe distilled to essence the Gospel is Salvation in the belief Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ is Truly the Son of God and died for mankind’s sins upon the Cross…
    lol I have heard of churches that week-after-week just preach from ”the 4 Gospels” and the particular religion I was raised in definitely had a habit (there’s a clue there for you) of preaching only from the 4 Gospels…well, that leaves quite a bit out, doesn’t it!!! I also liked how you question 4 Books being assigned the label of ”The Gospel”…to me, the entire Book is The Gospel, it fits together like a puzzle and I do not see how someone could read the entire Bible without coming away a Believer.

    • “SLIMJIM” what was your experience with the other students? This is my first opportunity to see ”inside” a true discussion forum on apologetics and seminary-related experiences. Interesting reply made me want to ask for a couple examples (only if you are so inclined). Thanks.

      • I think the seminary Mennoknight and I went to did stress the importance of true holiness. I went to seminary expecting to grow in knowledge (which occurred) but I also found what was so amazing about grace…is not only in us being saved but in our lives for our sanctification.

        • Thank you for your timely reply. When you are speaking of sanctification, do you possibly mean insofar as daily life when the conviction of the Holy Spirit helps us grow even closer to Him? This is what I have experienced and thought of when I read your statement, why I am asking.

          An example for me is recently, the verse where Paul says basically ”why do I do that which I do not want yet still do so…” used to be a mystery to me. Of course you can tell I am a ”layperson”. One day, it was like a gift on a platter to comprehend Paul was speaking of the Adamic/human struggle vs our Holy Spirit, literally as if he were woefully recognizing even despite his extreme closeness to Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, still his flesh would be tempted. I joined the information group because of Mennoknight’s name, I used to study the Amish ways and read a review he wrote on Amazon and have always been curious abou the Mennonite faith.

          I am also making my statement as short as possible and will understand whatever your choice to respond. I can’t resist asking another question: am I correct this section is, in fact, regarding Mennonite outlooks?

          Also, I no longer celebrate “Christmas”. I studied the origins and history and left it behind and focus on His birth instead. Is it the same with Mennonites?

          Thank you.

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