Two Recent Book Reviews…

I thought I would share something that I’ve done relatively recently.  I was asked to review 2 books recently and have posted the reviews on  Both books are “I took a trip to Heaven” books.

The first is a review of Heaven is for Real, and can be found here.

The second is a review of 90 minutes in Heaven, and can be found here.

There has been a rash of “I took a trip to Heaven” books as of recent, and they’re sadly selling millions of copies.  It’s almost strange how silly these books are.  If you read the scriptures just a little and ask a few questions, you realize that these types of books cannot possibly be true.  I mean, as a simple test, just look if the people who claim to go to Heaven say that Heaven has streets of gold.  The current Heaven does not have streets of gold.  There’s a few other easy tests (there’s only 4 angels that have wings, Heaven is all about seeing Christ instead of deceased loved ones, etc.).  If you want to read something good on Heaven, consider reading the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn or The Glory of Heaven by John MacArthur.

Both books are far more accurate and informative than the wave of “first hand account” books you can buy at Costco.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I haven’t gone to Heaven but I know the owner” Unger


4 thoughts on “Two Recent Book Reviews…

  1. This genre of “I went to Heaven” books really do concern me as well. I recall seeing a medical show where the different processes of the demise of individuals was chronicled, as much as could be expected, in scientific terminology. I recall thinking how even such ”evidence” could be contested and also after studying more really doubting these ”experiences” individuals were relating, whether they believed the experiences were or were not valid.
    The only ones I have heard of that rather fascinate me are when there have been documented cases such as during surgery where temporarily something goes seriously awry and the patient has claimed and correctly related what occurred despite being under anesthesia so even those experiences can’t technically be counted as ”I’ve been to Heaven” yet are fascinating since scientifically documented. These sort are best described by patients as “out-of-body” temporary observational experiences and did not involve actual demise.

  2. Brilliant pieces of satirical writing! I LOVED it when you satirized the authors’ literal depictions of heaven by using ‘proof texts’ to talk about how we all apparently sing in union in heaven and how Jesus’ horse is actually ‘a war horse’. Way to show the nuttery of taking a vastly nebulous book like Revelations way way too literally by farsically participating in such a literal reading and proofing yourself. You’ve done us all a service AND produced a laugh.

    Did you know that some people think that pi is 3.14? Well, you’re clearly in Biblical error because 1 Kings 7 says it’s 3.0! Did you know that some people think locusts are just incects? Well, only if you’re a raving heretic because it clearly says in the Book of Revelation that they’re in league with Satan and the Apocalypse!

    See, anyone can do it! I’m a comedy writer too!

  3. I’m still learning how this site functions, I left my replies at each book review. Really good strong Biblical information, your writing. Thanks! +++

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