A Little Something Something…

Yup.  Just a little.

Baby is 5 days overdue.

We’re preparing for company like crazy.

No time for blogging, though lots of thoughts being thought and some stuff that needs to be shared.

Wife e-mailed me this and I shared her delight so I’m sharing it with you.

It’s funny becasue it’s so true.

Once the baby is born and life is a teensy bit more predictable, I’ll be back somewhat…though not regularly for a few months.  Here’s hoping!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I CAN spell!  I’m just too lazy to edit!” Unger


3 thoughts on “A Little Something Something…

  1. Funny (about the ”bet on who can receive most replies to a post”), was in a group called http://www.flylady.net (about how to keep house and to learn to care about self) and she’d make typos at first by mistake, then get so inundated with “reproachful responses” she finally said ”no one is perfect, from now on there will always be at least one typo in what we write out to our members” …I like to leave little mistakes now just for that reason.

    Well, anyways, our son was a week overdue and it’s great the Mrs. has a good since of humour and the best to both o fyou. 🙂

  2. haha it’s really really true, there’s this lady that runs a free e-mail housekeeping group called http://www.flylady.net (just her store has products for sale) anyway she would often make typos and get tons of e-mails complaining…so finally she said no such thing as perfection anyway and intentionally puts an error in everything!!! Why do I think I posted this b4? Hope it wasn’t here (red-faced)!!! Hey, the only time I want perfection is when…it’s a brain sturgeon 🙂 HAPPY BABY TIME!!!

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