Okay. Forget Driscoll. What are the other Reformed Charismatics up to?

One word.


If you are part of the evangelical reformed movement at all (meaning that you basically have heard of things like T4G and find yourself using terms like “Calvinism” in loose reference to yourself), then you’ve heard about what’s happening over at Sovereign Grace Ministries.  CJ has stepped down, 600 pages of private communication has been released onto the internet, and a bunch of people (like Josh I kissed dating goodbye Harris) have severed ties with SGM because of all the rampant wickedness…

…which is “wickedness” that doesn’t actually  include any ministry disqualifying sins.  After reading a bunch of the leaked documentation, I don’t know why CJ stepped down!  There’s a lot of talk about attitude, private prophecy, and “being arrogant”, but apparently nobody at SGM realizes that bad attitude doesn’t disqualify from ministry and neither does generic pride; every human on earth has a pride problem.

From what I’ve read in the SGMWikileaks paperwork stuff, the only person who has actually sinned here is Brent Detwiler.  He didn’t like the decision of his elders in what was clearly not a church discipline issue, so he decided to create a scandal with hopes of getting his own way.

Jesse Johnson writes on this at the Cripplegate and gives some great thoughts.  I really like SGM and I enjoy the SGM pastors that I know.  They have some problems in their pneumatology and ecclesiology, and those problems are currently biting them in the bum, but they’re definitely bible preaching and gospel proclaiming brothers in the Lord.  I’m praying that they search the scriptures through this time, learn what needs to be learned, and make the changes that need to be made.

I’d urge you to pray for CJ Mahaney and Dave Harvey (and their wives) right now too.  They’re in the ringer but I hope they recover and continue on.  I’ve been blessed tremendously by both of them.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “GRUUUuuuuuUUUUUDEMMMMMM!  Look what you’ve done!” Unger


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