Would God Force You To Watch Pornography?

Well, that’s an interesting question.

Some people actually think the answer is “yes”, as long as the circumstances are “in a prophetic vision”.


No way!

Who says something THAT absurd?

You may want to read Phil Johnson’s latest article on the Pyromaniacs blog to discover who.  You may, or may not, be suprised as to just how nutty the level-headed “reformed charismatics” actually get.

Just alerting people to the crazy and absurd in the charismatic movement since this is about as much as I have time to do these days!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Prophet of Cessationism” Unger


7 thoughts on “Would God Force You To Watch Pornography?

  1. Next question should be would God force one to sexually assault children. Not too sure how everyone feels about that but I’d say no.

      • I was taking the question at face value, so I made a bit of a leap by stating that if God would make someone watch pornography why would he not make someone sexually assault someone, particularly if it was while making pornography. I’m probably taking my own trail as you’re likely commenting on something a bit more philosophical or theological….

  2. OK, I should read articles before commenting on them….I just read the article you were referring to and it had nothing to do with what I thought it did….

  3. Wow, even tho this is a slightly older post, since this subject literally altered my life, kudos for bringing this sinister form of preaching to light. Read all the notes, watched the video. I must say, I found it extremely difficult to take seriously a minister/preacher wearing a “Mickey Mouse” shirt.

    Also, difficult to believe in the ratio of ”stated success accuracy” vs error.

    I would (hopefully) like some clarification on the subject of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. In my case, the Holy Spirit is distinctly different from my ”own” thoughts…wait, lest I forget: Since God gave us so fairly Free Will, how so is He to take the blame for human’s errors???

    I do recall reading in the Bible the Holy Spirit does protect the individual in ways specific to their own needs, I don’t recall the verse, though.

    The ex-, to this day, is third-line generation (perhaps it might even run longer in the family history) addicted to pornography. I had no clue until our then eight-year old son brought to me tapes hidden between his mattress. Praise God, he had not looked at them. The Great-Grandfather would travel to town to the local ”houses”. No internet existed.

    This entire subject is fascinating, yet this is enough for now.

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