A Few Clarifying Thoughts on Driscoll…

Apparently I stepped on some toes with that last post, so I figured I’d have to clarify some things.

I’m not throwing Driscoll under the bus.  Driscoll preaches Christ and I rejoice in that.  He’s a brother in the Lord and he is actually preaching the gospel.  I only know a bit about his charismatic theology (of which I find almost all of it discouragingly bad) and I’ve listened to some of his sermons on Genesis, which I gave me ample evidence to realize that Driscoll isn’t a Bible exegete especially after his pronouncement of taking 10 years to prepare to preach Genesis.  You’d think that a decade of study would at least bring the guy to an understanding of the issues in the creation/evolution debate, let alone some exegetically defensible conclusions, but he had neither.  He has little serious training in the bible sciences (hermeneutics, exegesis, Greek & Hebrew) and he definitely manifests his limitations.

(August 22, 2011 – I re-read this post, as I often do with much of my writing, and I was suprised at how in a comment about the positive I went to the negative.  I’ll say more then:

Driscoll has spearheaded and established a large church planting network that is very effective.

Driscoll has spearhead the establishment of a publishing company that puts out some great theological literature.

Driscoll preaches through the Bible and does fairly good exposition.

Driscoll is a great defender of justification by faith and stands loudly for the doctrines of grace though he emerged from a movement that openly attackes the sovereignty of God, the Bible, and every other orthodox doctrine.

Driscoll, as far as I know, had done much of what he had done before he had solid mentors in his life.

Driscoll, as far as I know, studies the scriptures and attempts to ground his theology in the scripture.)

Driscoll needs to take a lesson from SpiderMan.  My hard words against his Resurgence talk (cessationism = functional atheism) are words toward a pastor of a huge church with global influence.  With that large and vast pedestal comes a high standard that he rarely even seems aware of.  He severely hurts himself, his ministry and the credibility of the gospel by saying stupid things (like his comment on how we’ve been lied to about the early church fathers and cessationism) in front of thousands, and for me, that talk basically placed the period at the end of the sentence “Mark Driscoll is just another reformed charismatic who suffers from terminal theological inconsistency”.  In 20 years he may still be around, but I fear that  many will have passed him by in search of someone with more substance and credibility.

For what it’s worth, a search of my archives will show that I don’t blog about Driscoll much at all, and the reason is simply because he’s not interesting to me and, well, I have more concern for the damage that the megachurch “reformed charismatic” pastor up here in Vancouver is doing, the one that I’ve never blogged about because it would burn several bridges I’ve carefully tried to build.

If you’re from Vancouver, you can figure it out pretty easily but I’m not saying.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Reformed Cessationist Who Loves And Has Witnessed Several Miracles” Unger


2 thoughts on “A Few Clarifying Thoughts on Driscoll…

  1. Good thoughts. Thanks for the clarifying.
    I recently read this article over at Challies blog. I thought he had a good perspective.

    I don’t follow that blog much but was looking for some other views on Mark Driscoll’s ministry other than the positive things I’ve personally been a part of.

    “When we look to that wider picture we see that Driscoll clearly believes in and teaches the gospel. He has proven that he has a very good grasp on Christian doctrine and that he is no theological light-weight. He has proven that he’s unashamed to preach the gospel in contexts adamantly opposed to it. Thus any of our criticisms of him are dealing with, at best, secondary matters. This is an important matter of perspective….

    ….There are multitudes being saved among the most difficult-to-reach demographic in the most difficult cultural settings in America. They are not being saved to a gospel of easy-believism or self-esteem, but to the true gospel built upon true, biblical theology.”

    I respect that you have a theological stance and greatly admire the way in which you honor scriptural integrity. It is true that not every one is going to like his personality (he is a human after all) and not every evangelical is going to agree on every secondary doctrinal issue but we need to remember not to make people of God into characteratures instead of brothers and sisters in Christ. God has been known to use some less than perfect, roughly dressed ,God fearing, Jesus loving people in the Bible for some specific and mighty works. Pray for the man…he leads a very large flock and receives a lot of attack not only from non-believers but sadly believers as well. He is fallible and a work in progress (aren’t we all) but he is a strong Godly leader, who takes the Bible seriously, lives a life of integrity, and a brother in Christ. After reading a bunch of different peoples web sites and blogs (people who often criticize each other vehemently) it struck me that they all have way way way more in common than they assume ,certainly more than they have that separates them.
    Keep running the race brother.

    Carla “glad God has a place for barely educated stay at home moms in his kingdom too” B

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