An Open and Public Letter to Brad Jersak…

Dear Brad,

Thank you for taking the time to contact me regarding my interaction with your book Can You Hear Me and the topic of Listening Prayer.  I would like to express my regret regarding the negative impact my review of your book has had on your family and ministry.  This may be difficult to believe, but I examine and bibilcally evaluate the content of your published teaching out of love; love for God, love for the church, and love for you.  I have no desire to judge your salvation or harm your church/family or spread slander/rumor about you on the internet, but the negative commentary I have made has been made due to the binding of conscience.

In my review I interacted with your biblical support for Listening Prayer and gave a critical and exegetical evalutation of your teaching, not you as a person.  You claim that Listening Prayer is taught in the scripture but your biblical suport for Listening Prayer delievered in Can You Hear Me not only does not follow from the texts you reference as support, but involves clear twisting of those scriptures and self-evident eisegesis.  If other people recognize the validity of my critique and it affects your itinerant speaking ministry, you then find yourself situated in a place where you placed yourself; I bear no responsibility for the things you teach that negatively affect your life but rather wish to bring them to light so that you can repent.  I wish no personal displeasure or disfavor towards you, and I have no desire to trouble your family, church or ministry.  Over and above my desire to live at peace with you, I have a desire to protect the church from the unbiblical teachings that you’ve publically offered forth in your printed material.

If I’ve said anything untrue, then I desire to be corrected and will gladly edit/delete commentary and express public repentance.

If I’ve slandered you or made libelous statements beyond attributing the label of “false teacher” to you, (which is the biblical designation for someone who teaches false/unbiblical doctrine), then I will gladly edit/delete any statements and express public repentance.

You have stated the desire to follow through with some sort of Matthew 18 “church discipline” process but I would suggest that since you haven’t sinned against me but rather are publically teaching unbiblical doctrine, this is not a church discipline situation.   Beyond that, the fact that we  attend different churches gives the threat of “church discipline” absolutely no weight whatsoever.  This is a situation of public false teaching and I’d suggest that the scriptural principle I’m appealing to (public refutation of public false teaching) would be established upon Acts 18:27-28, Galatians 2:11-14, and Titus 1:9-11.

If you’re desiring to talk, I am willing to discuss your public teaching publically, not privately.  Christians who teach in public should not deal with problems in the shadows.  I will not participate in private e-mail dialogue regarding your public teachings, and I will not participate in private meetings to sort through your public teaching.

If you desire to respond to anything I’ve written, feel free to simply send me your responses and I’ll post them, totally uneditted, on my blog where we can interact.  If you’d like to interact as a commenter, we can do that as well.  If you’d like to write your responses on any other online forum, you can interact from somewhere else if you fear I may edit/change your comments.

If you desire to meet privately for some other reason, I’m open to meeting you and “getting to know you”.  I do not doubt that you are a kind, nice, well mannered individual.  I’ve personally heard you speak and have gathered that you’re a passionate and polite person…but who you are doesn’t negate the things you’ve written.

I don’t desire to harm you.

I don’t desire to slander you.

I don’t desire to argue with you.

I desire to protect the church from false teaching, which regretfully means your teaching in Can You Hear Me.

I desire to see you come to repentance and stop promoting unbiblical doctrine and practice.

I prayerfully await your repentance and look forward to hearing that fabulous news.

Longing and Praying for that day,

Lyndon Unger,

Senior pastor of Cornerstone Community Church, Vancouver, BC


Comments by anyone other than the intended recipient of the letter will not be allowed on this post.  Thanks for understanding.


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