What Iran thinks of Free Speech…

…is simply summed up in the word “hatred”.  Iran, the Islamic state that opperates according to the teaching of Islamic Shari’a (law), thinks free speech is something to be feared.  They hate anything that isn’t blindly pro-Islamic and are simply petrified that Muslims will encounter frightening ideas, like the truth about Jesus Christ, and may actually think about it.

Think that’s a little harsh?  Read this.  If that’s not hiding from the world of ideas, I don’t know what is.

If you think that the Iranians are doing this because of a desire for morality , I’d suggest that people like Bin Laddden show that Islamic leadership have as much concern for being righteous as many mainstream evangelical leaders like Eddie Long or Joyce Meyer (check out this or this) or Ergun Caner; namely none  (unregenerate men who are upright in public are always still unregenerate in private, and every single muslim leader on planet earth is unregenerate).

If they unplug the entire country from the internet, I can only imagine what will happen to the believers that get some slight measure of security from the free flow of information.  Once Iran thinks that nobody can see what’s going on within their borders, even more blood will run.

Something to remember if and when this happens.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Mennokinigget” Unger


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