Things worth taking note of…

Anyone who’s read this blog for even a little bit knows that I’m not afraid to speak my mind or interact aggressively with autodidacts, self-proclaimed intellectuals and anonymous commenters who phrase everything as a question in some sort of effort towards demonstrating epistemic or intellectual arrogance masquerading as humility.  Several issues often arouse those sorts of folk to sufficient passion to come out of the woodwork, but some issues are simply worth talking about even if they ping on all the wrong radar.

1.  One of those issues is Biblical creationism. Dr. Jim Owen, a Christian historian, has written an e-book that comments at length on the subject of the biblical account of creation and specifically interacts with works by Francis Collins and Mark Noll.  It’s free, very thoughtful, will possibly help fight a condition I call “cultural zombieism” and is available here.

2.  Another of those issues is the charismatic movement.  Along the outer fringe of the charismatic movement (and the emergent church movement) is the lectio divina idea that’s penetrated much of evangelicalism, and Dan Philips has some interesting conversation about lectio divina happening over at his stomping grounds.

3.  A third issue, though not so much in Canada, is one of biblical interpretation and the relationships between the Old and New Testaments.  Lightening strikes twice for Dan Philips as he has reviewed James Hamilton Jr’s awesome sounding book God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment, basically a 630 page evangelical curb stomping of Rob Bell’s Love Wins,  over at the Team Pyro Blog.  It’s one of those books that is worth taking the time to read more than once.

Now, it’s back to study and prep for me.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Linkage is as close to blogging as I can get these days” Unger


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