Thoughts on the slaying of a slayer…

On the way to a meeting today, I learned that Bin Laden finally had his appointment with the “70 virgins dating service” (i.e. the U.S. Navy Seals) and, after 10 years of hiding, died a cowards death.  The internet has errupted with people having a race to toss in their two cents, as always, and I’m suprised at what many Christians are saying.  Some are so ethically confused that they somehow don’t see the difference between terrorism and (legitimate and sanctioned) military action.

For any of my readers who would be interested in some responses worth reading, I offer the following:

1.  Dr. Will Varner’s response.

2.  Al Mohler’s response.

3.  Tom Ascol’s response.

Well, off to bed.  Work starts tomorrow early.

Longing for the day,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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