Typing with my feet…

…because my face is in my hands.

It’s Saturday night, and I am just about to go to bed.  I see in my stack of mail that a certain magazine subscription apparently hasn’t been cancelled yet, and I head to the bathroom with my most recent (and final) issue.  Then, I see that someone I’ve previously written on is featured in the magazine (the picture on the web article sums up my reaction).  This means that my own people are openly endorsing a false teacher, and I fear that I’m possibly going to have some new people arriving here to read this and this and possibly this, which will bring ensuing moronic battles.

Now comes a whole new round of me being marked as the divisive one because I have the audacity to think that the scriptures have a discernable message and I can actually understand it to the point of having exegetically defensible convictions from the scripture.



Until Next Time,

Lyndon “facepalming at the theological Ukrainian firing squad” Unger


5 thoughts on “Typing with my feet…

  1. Be encouraged. It’s difficult to stand for the truth, and tiring. Keep your eyes upward!

    The elders of my church recently removed Brad Jersaks book from our library! Praise the Lord! Your blog helped me present it to the elders in an educated way. Thank you!

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