A Great Response to a GARBAGE Argument…

And now for something completely different…

At work over the last week, I’ve been listening to a whole lot of stuff on my MP3 player: sermons, Brazillian prog metal, Shai Linne (by far the best Christian rap out there), some of the lectures/sessions from the 2011 Shepherds Conference, and a few debates.  I re-listened to the Dan Barker vs. James White debate, and heard Barker toss out the “all Christians are atheists towards other religions; us atheists just go one step further and reject your religion too!”

I was thinking about that argument and wanted to post some thoughts on it as a quick “cop out post”, and then Brian Auten at Apologetics315 tweeted a link to this article, where Mr. J.W. Wartick beat me to it.  He takes a great stab at showing the fallacious nature of the who “we’re more atheist than you” argument.  I’ve heard it delivered by quite a few atheists, and though I’m in the middle of sermon prep and doing some personal study with the 40 minutes of free time I have in my week, I thought I’d at least pass the link on.  It’s worth the read and fairly helpful, especially if you encounter someone from the “free thinkers society” (read “ex-confessing Christian who’s searching for a new form of fundamentalism”).  I’m not about arguing with those fools, but I’m all about equipping believers to slash through slick-sounding garbage arguments that only work if you don’t think too hard about them.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Apologist” Unger


5 thoughts on “A Great Response to a GARBAGE Argument…

  1. It’s not really an argument. It’s more of a phrase made to try and make the religious see what they have in common with atheists. And to try and help them understand some of the reasons we have become atheists.

    How effective it is can be debated. And it probably shouldn’t be included in a debate. Though Dan Barker isn’t my favorite debater.

    • Well, I’d kinda agree with you. It’s not really an argument, but it also doesn’t show me what I have in common with atheists.

      Either way, I’m sure we’d both like it more if people at least debated in an intellectually respectful and upright manner, without bumper sticker quotes and cheap laughs/shots.

    • Thanks! Glad to know that the confusion on what Christian character looks like is as wide spread as was previously suspected.

      I haven’t yet run into a “free thinker” who demonstrates wisdom (i.e. the most foundational recognition of God)…hence, they’re fools (see Ps. 53:1). That doesn’t mean they’re unable to read or comprehend complex arguments. That means that, biblically speaking, they’re fools. Foolishness is not the same as stupidity. It’s the opposite of wisdom, and biblically speaking, wisdom is “skill at living”. When it comes to living, “free thinkers” are not skillful at living.

      The Bible (i.e. Prov. 26:4-5) warns me about the uselessness of trying to argue with people like that.

      I’m not apologetic over calling the members of the local free thinkers society “fools”. They place themselves in that category.

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