Now Darrel Bock and Greg Gilbert weigh in on Rob Bell as well.

For anyone that is interested in the various issues and questions raised by the book Love Wins by Rob Bell, here’s a few more solid resources to deal with many of the questions that are raised.

Greg Gilbert, over at 9 Marks ministries (definitely a place to be familiar with, at least loosely), nails down Rob Bell on some of the ways he simply is straight-out wrong about Greek.  I’ve watched several Bell videos and have always noticed that he, rather quickly and subtly, says things about Hebrew/Greek that are demonstrably untrue.  Gilbert does a fine job clearing away the rubble.

Darrell Bock, over at Dallas Theological Seminary, has a series of posts engaging some of Bell’s theological claims.  Bock’s a guy with a lot more theological credibility than Bell.

Okay.  I’ve got a car to drop off at the shop and Jonah 3 to translate and sort through for next Sunday.  I hope these resources are an encouragement to some and help give my readers some concrete fuel to answer people who ask you “So what do you think about Rob Bell?”

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Slave of Christ; redeemed from the everlasting torment of God’s eternal wrath against sin” Unger


2 thoughts on “Now Darrel Bock and Greg Gilbert weigh in on Rob Bell as well.

  1. Seems like a lot of people are weighing in. I’m planning to write up a critique that is more on Bell’s theological method driving “Love Wins” sometime towards the end of May based on a paper I’m working on for soteriology seminar.

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