Al Mohler Speaks Out on Rob Bell…

If you’re part of Western Canadian Christianity, you’re likely unfamiliar with Al Mohler.  Truth be told, I don’t necessarily blame you since he’s a large part of the Southern Baptist Conference and there’s not a ton of Southern Baptists in Canada…except for the crazy ones.  Until around 2005, I’d only met 1 Southern Baptist (that I was aware of) who wasn’t either a psycho trapeez-artist/missionary or otherwise outright nut-job.  Let’s just say that I’ve since learned that my experiences with Southern Baptists was highly non-representative of the norm.  There’s plenty of great Southern Baptists, and Al Mohler is one of the best of the best.

He is the president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he’s both an astsounding scholar and pastor, and he’s probably smarter than your five smartest friends combined.  I say that with little fear that I may be wrong, unless you’re already friends with Al Mohler.  Anyone who’s met Mohler knows that he is to Christian Theology what Andre Sergovia was to the guitar.  Not the best there’s ever been, but someone whose influence is vast  for good reason.

I haven’t read his blog for a while, and I should have.  On March 16, he addressed the issue of Rob Bell and, as always, brought a level of sober judgment and biblical insight that I only find in a handful of people.  People either love or hate Mohler, but nobody accuses him of being shallow or idiotic…except a few.  On March 21 Brian MacLaren decided to respond to Mohler and speak up for Rob Bell, accusing Mohler of simply misrepresenting Bell and attacking a straw man.  Finally, on March 23 Mohler responded to MacLaren and, well, you be the judge.

Blogs aren’t the best places to have dialogue, but sometimes when people who make a habit of saying nothing get angry enought that they say something, one can see the clear engagement of contrary worldviews and gain a little clarity into issues that are often confusing.  Public interaction, especially between disagreeing parties, can sometimes be very profitable.  In this case, I hope some of my readers are encouraged by seeing Biblical truth engaging philosophical doublespeak.  I know I am.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


3 thoughts on “Al Mohler Speaks Out on Rob Bell…

  1. Post-modernism is the most vacuous, repugnant, and damaging movement today. It`s infecting everything–and it`s one of the reasons the west is in serious trouble. Thank you for sharing the links. It`s sad to see the same jargon and idle, empty, meaningless, lukewarm garbage that`s preached in the classroom is also coming from the pulpit.

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