News and Current Events…

Well, here’s the news and the current events:

I’m currently working 2 full time jobs.  I’m working f/t in a machine shop and pastoring p/t (which means f/t hours with 1/5 the pay).  That basically means I’m not blogging much, nor will likely be, in the near future.  I’ll try to throw something up once a week, just to keep things going a bit.  Maybe I’ll throw up some stuff from my study or something.

Yeah.  I’m sure everyone is interested in sermon outlines.  HA!

If there’s anyone out there who’s been blessed by this blog from time to time, I’ll ask for a little prayer for the next few months:

1.  Pray for myself (Lyndon) and my wife (Jennifer); that we keep pouring ourselves out in ministry and do so with wisdom and efficiency.  We have basically no time or money, so we need to seriously stretch both out.

2.  Pray for the gospel going forth in our community (Marpole, Vancouver, BC); pray that our people and myself would be bold and loving witnesses for Christ in our area.

3.  Pray for our church – Cornerstone Community Church.  Pray that the Lord blesses us enough that I can at least do ministry f/t and get paid f/t.  That would be amazing.

4.  Pray for our church – Cornerstone Community Church.  Pray that the Lord raises up a few (2 would be wonderful!) leaders and a few musicians.  That would also make life exponentially easier.

I’ll try to put something up from time to time, but it will most likely be a rant or some updates and news.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Non-Armchair Pastor” Unger


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