Random and suprising statistics…

Well, here’s a summary of my life right now:

1.  Working on ministry related stuff (meetings, drafting support letter, sermon prep, etc.)

2.  Painting the house so we can unpack.

3.  NOT blogging.

I know that the third one is easy to see, but I just popped in to post something and looked at my analytics and saw something surprising.  Even though I’ve not been posting anything, I’m still getting 50+ page views a day, and most of them are people finding me by googling the phrase either “Brad Jersak” or “Brad Jersak false prophet”.  Apparently there is a consistent stream of people who are looking that up, every day, and finding this blog.  Go figure.

I’ve been accused of having a Brad Jersak hate site, and I just want to say that I don’t have any ill will towards him; he’s not even pinging high on my personal radar.  Of the 93 posts I’ve ever put up, only 4 of them have anything to do with the issues of listening prayer or Brad Jersak.  The article that is getting the most hits on this blog, by a wide margin, is one that is from August.  I’ve written several dozen posts since that one, and few of them are apparently that interesting at all.  Either way, I just wanted to welcome any new readers who have found this blog and I wanted to let you know that if you find my writing on the subject of listening prayer to be either informative or helpful, please let me know.  It’s encouraging to know that I’ve helped someone sort through some sticky doctrinal questions or some confusing rhetoric tossed at them by a smooth talker who throws out lots of bible references.

Also, feel free to peruse my archives.  I have written loads of other stuff, and I’m guessing something else in my archives might interest you!  I’ll eventually (i.e. in 2 months or so) have life settling into a bit of a rhythm, and I’ll likely find some time to blog a little again.  In the meantime, if anyone is in the lower mainland and wants to meet or talk about any of the subject that is apparently so interesting, I’m in Vancouver and would love to have a chin wag with you sometime!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Multi-Subject Blogger” Unger


4 thoughts on “Random and suprising statistics…

  1. Yes, thank you for your writing on Brad Jersak. A lady from my church recently gave me his book “Can you hear me?” because she felt like I could benefit from it and I am currently trying to draft some type of educated response to her when I give the book back to her and tell her that I didn’t read it. And then, I will need to speak with the library at my church and explain to them why I need to get it removed from the library. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the info you have on listening prayer.

    • You’re welcome Anna. I’m glad that I can be of service to you in any way. I’ve written an evaluation of the book, and the link is usually on “top ten posts” as it’s been consistently popular for several months.

      I don’t worry about all the side-issues, but I tackle the biblical argument of the book and show that it’s horribly wanting. I’d encourage you to speak to your church librarian and possibly the leadership of your church. Listening Prayer has spread throughout the church and consistently destroys the lives who are entranced by it’s vast and unbiblical promises.

  2. So, five years later here I am after Googling Jersak! Glad you posted this. I came across Jersak by following a long rabbit trail. It led me to Brazen Church. You can Google them if you must. Think Progressive and Emergent.

    From its website…

    Quote: To be as simplistic as possible, Brazen Church is an online community of “free thinking” Christians. We believe Jesus was serious when He said He was “The Truth”, and accordingly, we believe pursuing truth will bring us closer to Jesus, even if it diverges from the little boxes we tend to lock Him in. ~ End quote

    BC has a list of books which are recommended reading. I always say you can tell a lot about someone by the books they read and recommend. Jersak is on the list.

    Anyway, thanks for the articles. I’ll probably link to them in a future blog post.

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