Quick News Flash – Chicken McNuggets are less harmful that Hydrogen Sulphate!

It’s true.  Though some people would lead you to believe that Chicken McNuggets contain ingredients that will lead you to an immediate pine-box-nap, it’s simply not true.  Chicken McNuggets aren’t exactly healthy, but they’re not the culinary form of asbestos that they’ve been made out to be.  I recently found an article by Joe Schwarcz of McGill university, and he tears into some of the recent internet hysteria over McDonald’s Reaper McNuggets.

I’ve been cleaning and unpacking my place, but over the last several days I’ve been thinking about the last several weeks and how there has been a strange theme emerging in my life: Christians seem to be getting hornswaggled by swindlers and charlatans in the areas of alternative medicine and alternative dieting.  I’ve recently encountered believers who are tremendous fans of applied kinesiology and, having studied and written upon it at length, am completely flabbergasted at how people educated believers end up believing in energy medicine. Also, I’ve it seems that everyone I meet has a lot more food allergies/sensitivities than 10-15 years ago.   Why has everyone and their dog developed allergies/sensitivities to things like gluten?  Where in the world is that coming from?  It seems like in the 1980’s, everyone was taking shark cartilage and now everyone is eating gluten free.  The thing is also that the more I talk to people about it, the more it seems that eating gluten free is the new Atkins diet…it seems like everyone is learning that every problem they’ve ever had (insomnia, constipation, acne, fibro mialgia, etc.) is due to gluten.

That seems highly suspicious to me.  I somehow doubt that everyone is getting the gluten phobia from their family practitioner…but I’m no medical professional.  I’m just a critical thinker who has lived through more than a few health fads and remembers that, at one time, enemas were the “proven” cure for everything.

Anyway, it’s midnight where I’m at and I’ve got pastor(ish) things to do in the morning.  In the meantime, I’d like to recommend some clear-thinking websites to curious believers who are exploring alternative medicine/alternative dieting:


John Ankerberg (look in the articles under “holistic health”, among other things)

The Christian Research Institute (some good articles in their archives)

Until Next Time (which will likely be a while),

Lyndon “The Armchair Yogurt Skeptic” Unger


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