Here’s a book review that might be of interest to some…

…and might offend the pants off others.  Either way, some might remember this book circulating in Mennonite Brethren circles a few years ago:

I originally read it and wrote a soft-spoken response that I submitted to the elder board of my MB church, back in 2005.  My paper was promptly tossed in the trash and I was thanked and then ignored.  Now that the whole issue is over and the Canadian MB conference is subtley pushing an Egalitarian agenda (which we, on paper, don’t actually hold), I’ve re-read Adren Thiessen’s A Biblical Case For Equality and have posted the review on and  I’m sure that some people will only see this as me being rebellious and argumentative (against who or what I haven’t a clue), but I’ve given up trying to convince some people that I’m not Voldemort.

If you had that book recommended to you in the past and couldn’t put your thumb on why that book didn’t sit right with you, you may find my review somewhat interesting.  If you love the book, I’d welcome some public interaction on or here.  Feel free to express your appreciation or distaste for my review; both are always welcome.

Also, I wouldn’t mind a little prayer for my insomnia if you remember; I’ve been sleeping around 4 hours a night coming on a month now.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Equalimentarian” Unger

P.S. – Is it just me, or is an image of the cross being turned into a swing set just utterly offensive?

Well, maybe it’s supposed to be an image of some sort of “Christian scales of justice” – both men and women are equal…though on a rigid wooden scale, everything is equal right?

I wonder why the bushes behind the church are exploding?


2 thoughts on “Here’s a book review that might be of interest to some…

  1. Not sure if you can change your review on Amazon, but point 3 in your summary of Thiessen’s arguement should maybe conclude with the word “pastoring” as opposed to pasturing.

    Keep up the great work;

    Praying for your rest.

  2. Thanks Tim. I thought I caught that and fixed it…Doh!

    I saw that and thought that people would be confused as to why I’m talking about cattle or something!


    Good catch! I always appreciate editting help.

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