Two points of news…

1.  I’ve currently found myself cast headlong into an exegetical project.  I’ve been doing a growing lexicography project in trying to understand what the Bible (specifically New Testament for now…) teaches about being contentious, debating and being quarrelsome.  I’ve received some criticism that 1 Tim. 3:3 (specifically the “not quarrelsome” component [NIV]) may be an issue for me, so I want to take the criticism seriously and see how my conscience, when informed by scripture, attacks well as place myself under the strong rod of the scripture when wielded by the Spirit.

So, I’m doing my best to place myself under the bright spotlight of scripture by trying to work through the various issues surrounding having biblical convictions and sharing them appropriately without sinning in being quarrelsome/contentious/argumentative/etc.  I’ll hopefully have a more biblically informed understanding of this issue in a few days and will have some biblically informed thoughts that I may share.  I’ll likely be offline until this is done.

2.  The phrase “e-mail address” is apparently too long, so you’re all supposed to adopt and coolify the word “e-dress”.  This directive comes from the top down (my delightful wife) who has decided to change the world in this minor way.  If all my 12 readers would kindly comply and refer to an e-mail address as an “e-dress”, the world will have 1 more cool piece of phraseology and my wife will gladly take the credit.

Glad to inform everyone as to what’s going on.

Longing for the day,

Lyndon Unger

P.S. – the Calvinism debate is on hold…for now.  I’ll re-post the opening salvo post sometime when other, more important things have passed.


3 thoughts on “Two points of news…

  1. Hey there,

    Have been enjoying your stuff now for a while (after a friend pointed me to Cripplegate and here). Have been going through from the beginning, reading everything of interest (to me), and am now up to April 2013.

    Haven’t seen it yet, nor did it leap out at me from the index page, so i am wondering – did you ever post your findings on the lexicographical study of contentiousness and so forth that you mention in point #1 above?

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