Updates and strangeness…

Well, I’m home from a horrid day at work, so I’m going to not blog too much today.  In fact, I’ll likely take a few days off as I’m picking up a few shifts at work and am working on a sermon for this Sunday that I’ll be preaching elsewhere in the province.  For those that are interested, I’ll be trying to pull together something on John 5:21-24, talking about the importance of a biblical understanding of the gospel for a healthy church.  My greek work is half done (coffee breaks at work…ha!) and I’ve already got an exegetical and homiletical outline in my head, so it hopefully won’t be a gong show.  I’m looking forward to this message and hope that the church is built up and blessed.

But, something strange is happening.  Apparently I’ve caught a teensy bit of attention; my blog had more hits in the last 60 hours than it had in the whole months of May and June combined.  How weird!  Does this mean that I’ve struck a chord somewhere that I don’t know about?  Are the Selbstschutz coming to get me?  I wonder if they know that I run the Mennonite Militia?  We’re 850 strong, but our last skirmish with attackers was the first military engagement in world history that ended after 2 minutes with a ceasefire negotiated at a borscht and buns sale! (We made over $1,700!)

So, if anyone has found themselves thinking about things they’ve regularly ignored, feel free to comment.  If anyone has been entertained, I’m glad to have assisted you in wasting time on the web (though if you’re actually wasting time, go here or here and do something more fruitful with your time).  If I’ve ruffled your feathers on something, you’re welcome.

You’re so cute when you’re all ruffled!  *squeezy hug*

Okay.  Now that some may confuse me with my wife (who, for the record would have said *happy squeal*, not *squeezy hug*), I’ll go work on my sermon and have something to eat.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Preach the word!” Unger


3 thoughts on “Updates and strangeness…

  1. I don’t know where else you hang out online, but you could be getting hits because you’re commenting at Team Pyro these days…they’re one of the most widely read Christian blogs out there now. That, and/or people are intrigued by your user name, “Mennoknight” being such a contradiction in terms.

    By the way, I’m also a conservative, western Canadian MB…from the heart of the storm: the Lower Mainland.

    • Thanks Stefan!

      That may be it, but in my analytics I can also see where people are coming into my blog from, and I haven’t had more than half a dozen link-ins from Pyromaniacs. It’s possible that people are simply directly coming into my blog, not wanting to click on any links that may incriminate them too, and they may learn my name and web address from the guys over at Team Pyro.

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