Shock and Amazement…

Well, I’m in utter amazement.  It’s October 15th and this blog has already had more traffic than any other month, ever.  Apparently I’ve found few new readers and, though I’m likely getting as many hits in amonth as Phil Johnson’s twitter feed gets in 3 minutes, it’s amazing how I’m seeing increased traffic almost daily.  I’ll do my best to keep bringing quality, original writing coming your way…or at least something to chuckle at from time to time.

Also, not knowing who my readers are, I’ll ask for your prayers as I’m still looking for a church in which to settle and focus.  I’ve been on the phone every other day with someone, and I have more leads now than I know what to really do with.  I need wisdom and direction from the Lord to help me find the place where I’ll be able to most greatly use my gifts for his glory.  Thanks to all 10-15 of you who are reading things and spreading what you find useful.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Actual Blogger…Almost” Unger


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