So what is Regenerate 2101?

The Mennonite Brethren Conference in Canada is struggling in this current postmodern age, as many denominations are.  For those unfamiliar with “postmodernism”, here’s an introduction, some extensive sources and a good explanation that leads to serious questions as to whether “postmodernism”, as a general worldview or philosophical understanding, actually exists at all (I’m quite convinced it doesn’t, but that’s a whole other series of posts…).  The MB Conference is recognizing, as many do, that churches could be doing “things” better (like leadership developlment, evangelism, stewardship, growing in doctrine and obedience, etc.).  The MB conference, in a fairly typical fashion, has then started a program to apparently facilitate renewal MB churches.  It’s called Regenerate 2101, and the MB Conference has an information page, a blog, and an FAQ page dedicated to their Regenerate 2101 program.

It seems to rely on Natural Church Development (good critical review here), and a few other ideas that I’m not a big fan of…but that’s just it.  It seems to rely on this and that, and I say that because after searching online for a while, I don’t really have the slightest clue what it is about at all.  I cannot find anything beyond ambiguous statements.  I know it’s a “let’s re-focus and re-energize the church” program, but I’m completely lost as to the actual mechanics or biblical reasoning of it all.

What does the Regenerate 2101 process entail?

For what biblical reasons?

To what biblical end?

We live in an era where everyone agrees that churches aren’t perfect, and everyone recognizes that there”s got to be some positive changes and solutions to the problems that everyone sees.  I’m just confused as to how ambiguity and a lack of information would motivate me, as an MB church member, to support this Regenerate 2101 program.  It seems like a rather large “we’re doing something good…just trust us” project, and I’m critical of those sorts of things with good reason.

Can someone help me understand the actual content and structure of the Regenerate 2101 program?

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “In the Confused Armchair of Theology” Unger


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