Bishop Eddie Long is added to the list…

…Of megachurch pastors who are involved in a scandal involving arsenokoitēs (read “homosexuality”, in this case, with boys).  Bishop Eddie Long is a prominent “health and wealth” preacher who is apparently in big trouble, since 4 men who are currently in their twenties have laid allegations against him, accusing him of using his power and spiritual influence to coerce them into a sexual relationship.  If the allegations are true, this “pastor” (read “false teacher”) of 25,000 people in Atlanta has brought the gospel to shame, brought substance to criticisms of those in ministry, victimized and abused those who have trusted him in the Lord, and damaged thousands of lives.  Sadly, this he joins the ranks of such prominent health and wealth ministers and ministry celebrities as:

Benny Hinn – You all know about his affair with Paula White.  What you likely don’t know is that there has been accusations that Benny has had other affairs…with another male pastor.  This pastor was ironically involved in other charges of sodomy, of which he was later acquitted in highly suspicious circumstances.   The claim that the charge of arsenokoitēs was in Benny Hinn’s divorce papers is unable to be verified by anyone but Benny, Suzanna, and their lawyers, since they’re not open for public viewing…and I’m relatively capable at finding publically accessible documents.

Paul Crouch – He was accused of arsenokoitēs and apparently paid a lad $425,000 to shut up about something.

Ted Haggard – Everyone knows about this one.  Not much to say here that hasn’t been said.

Frank Houston –  Father of Hillsongs church founder Brian Houston, who is one of my favorite false teachers.  In the year 2000, at the age of 78, Frank was quietly forced to step down from ministry by his son Brian due to his penchant for arsenokoitēs (with boys), though I suspect this was to prevent a brewing scandal related to an upcoming book. He never repented, was never publically disciplined, and never faced a single charge.  His victims claimed to have tried to expose Frank, but his son denied all knowledge.  Goes to show you what Brian Houston thinks about sin and the importance of holiness...but he doesn’t have too much time for that esoteric “theology” stuff; he’s too busy being practical and  getting the gospel really wrong.

So, will Eddie Long be found guilty and suffer the consequences?

Well, he likely may…but in “health and wealth” circles, it really doesn’t matter.  He’ll be back in ministry like all the other biblically disqualified rabble…well, after a short time to refocus, regroup, or re-something.  In “health and wealth” circles, you just need to give people enough time to forget what a horrible false teacher you are and then get back on the same old ship, doing the same old stuff.  So, even if Eddie Long goes to prison for his crimes like some other charlatans, very little will change.  He’ll eventually get out, and go back to doing what he does…and I’ll continue to pay precious little attention to him.

Either way, news is news and now you’ve got my two cents worth about it.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “Show yourself a workman approved” Unger


2 thoughts on “Bishop Eddie Long is added to the list…

  1. If it is true, I hope he repents and also stay out of the pulpit.

    It’s a shame the immorality that exists among these health and wealth preachers.

    They need to hear, repent and preach the true gospel.

    • Yeah, I pray for Eddie Long. I pray that he’ll come to his sense like Jim Baker did while he’s in prison and alone with his bible.

      I’m guessing that evangelizing “health and wealth” preachers would be the most difficult call to missions in existence. Goodness me!

      I agree Jim – They need to hear, repent and preach the true gospel.

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