When Islam Comes to Canada, so does Sharia…

And this is what Sharia does:


Sharia allows for prepubescent girls to be married and raped.

Sharia fights proper, legal efforts to protect those young girls.

Sharia invokes the police to protect those young girls from the human rights activists who are trying to help them.

Sharia is the enemy of freedom, democracy, morality, and children.

Go out and seek to meet Muslims.  Befriend them.  Love them.  Tell them about Christ and how he loved children.

Fight Sharia by loving Muslims.

Also, watch the web for Reem al Numeri turning up dead sometime in the next year.  I imagine she will not be thanked for that news coverage.

And Shada Nasser, her attorney.  I imagine that she’s going to eventually be killed for drawing too much attention to the state of the religiously motivated institution of organized child rape in Yemen.  In Islamic countries, lawyers aren’t exempt from violence.

If you think I’m being overboard on this one, you may want to read this, if you can stomach it.  It’s a Unicef sponsored study on the world wide problem of early marriage (i.e. before 18).  Ironically, the Islamic nations score high (i.e. have a high percentage of married women between 15 and 19 who get regularly beaten by their husbands and share that violent husband with more than 1 other woman).

And, here’s something else to read.  This book is disturbing, but sadly reality.

What should we do?

I’d strongly suggest that Christians in North America need to do what they can to adopt children, especially girls, from Islamic nations.

Save them and teach them about the heavenly father who adopts believers into his family.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon Unger.

P.S. – I’m not kidding.  Adopt a young, abused girl from an Islamic nation.  Love her senseless.  Talk about displaying the gospel for your neighbors!  Why stop at 1?  Adopt TEN!


2 thoughts on “When Islam Comes to Canada, so does Sharia…

    • I’m not kidding Jimmy. I wonder how many people would call Christians “hypocrites” if there were tens of thousands of middle eastern girls being adopted in North America every year and saved from slavery?

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