Back in the GAME!

Well, apparently my return to the world of blogdom has been beneficial to bringing life back to my blog!  Due to the new content and traffic, I’ve had the second most successful month yet in the history of this blog!  Seeing that up until a month ago I had 3 readers (including myself, and I find my own posts quite gripping), but now I’ve grown to a staggering 5, or maybe more!  As of today, my writing on Listening Prayer and Brad Jersak has had over 200 reads, and I’ve had over 100 people read  my stuff on applied kinesiology.

Okay, so I got as many reads in a month as Phil Johnson’s Twitter feed gets in an hour.  Still, for being a theological nobody, I’m very pleased that I have been able to bless at least two people this month!  Hooray!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “I’ve surpassed my own standards of mediocrity!  Hooray!” Unger


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