Thoughts and Ramblings from the past, present and future…

Well, I haven’t been posting much in the last while since I’ve been travelling around Western Canada, in the various stages of candidating with several churches.  What a process!  When it’s all said and done, I’ll post some reflections on what I’ve seen across Western Canada and the state of the church.  In a nutshell, the lack of biblically qualified and properly trained leaders in churches is frightening.  There’s a lot of sheep in Western Canada who are limping along and need a shepherd, and choosing one flock to shepherd is difficult, at best.

While I’ve been away, people have been steadily coming out here and reading about Brad Jersak and NAET/Applied Kinesiology.  I think I’ve written articles on the two most obscure issues/problems facing the church, and I’m amazed that over 100 people have read both articles.  If you’ve come here from a google search looking for some critical interaction with “listening prayer”, Brad Jersak or Applied Kinesiology and Devi S. Nambudripad (which my analytics tells me most of you do), welcome!  I hope you find some answers that point you toward truth and not error.

I’m still running around and talking with Churches.  This weekend, I’m gone again and will be in Alberta.  I’m not sure if I’ll be back here the following weekend, but if I am that will make it the first week in 5 that I’ve been home for the weekend!  I’ve met a lot of people and my prayer list has sure grown!  Either way,  I think I’ll take Jimmy up on his idea and write a little about the biblical, exegetical foundation of apologetics.  I’ve got a few other issues on the brain too, so those will come in time.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Absentee Blogger” Unger

p.s. – People are still showing up here reading my interactions with the Barker/White debate from 2009, which means they are seriously digging through the AOMin archives to find the link to me.  Bible geeks are hilarious.  Oh, and I never finished the write up on that too…*guilty conscience attack*  Doh.


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