Sharia Law Comes One Step Closer In Canada…

…with legal precedent being set in Calgary.  When a Chechnyan Muslim mother can strangle her promiscuous daughter to death and get probation, instead of prison time, with little media mention of the fact that it was an honor killing (which is definitely not PC to mention) that is directly prescribed in books like this, we’re in trouble.  When a person can wrap a scarf around a person’s neck for 2+ minutes and strangle the life out of them (long after they pass out) and have that not be considered intentional manslaughter, something is really wrong with the justice system.  When the 38 year old mother who strangled her 14 year old daughter to death can plead self defense and that she was not responsible due to her traumatic past, something is wickedly wrong.  When someone who murders their own child with a scarf only needs to participate in anger management, something is horribly wrong.

With the CBC, CTV, and most mainstream Canadian media being too spineless to call a spade a spade and talk about how a muslim woman murdered her rebellious muslims daughter because her islamic beliefs told her to, we’re in inescapable trouble.  We just cover our eyes and keep repeating our mantra of “Islam is peaceful.  People don’t do things like that due to the actual teachings of Islam”, we’re in utter denial of reality.

Was Aset Magomadova an violent extremist or a typical muslim mother?

If she was a violent extremist, where did she learn her violent extremism?

From violent video games?  TV?  From the violent, extremist mosque in Calgary, Alberta?

When she did what innumerable other muslims regularly do in muslim countries, was she being inconsistent with her beliefs?

We need to face reality:

Islam (the ideology, not the practitioners) is the number one enemy of Canada.  Islam loves death, slavery, totalitarianism, the subjugation of women and minorities, and the annihilation of any and all religous, journalistic, personal and political freedom.

We need to love muslims but be vocally against Islam.

By the time we wake up, it will be too late.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Future Dhimmi” Unger


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