My Review of the Big Three…

…is here. I don’t think I was too harsh on the book, but I definitely commented more on the weaknesses of the book than the strengths.  I was thinking of posting the review on the blog here, but instead I’ll just link to Amazon.  If anyone reads it and wants to comment, feel free.  If anyone wants to give me a positive vote, I’d also appreciate having my ego massaged.  Also, if anyone is interested, I have 54 other reviews on Amazon and some of them may be helpful, others may be entertaining, and some will likely make you twice as awesome.

Feel free to check back every so often on Amazon as I tend, for some reason, to only review books that are either obscure or not that great (hence I get a lot of “this review was not helpful” votes).  Also, I review some things for the sheer pleasure of it and tend to unleash a little comedy.  Follow some of the comments on the reviews too.  I’ve made some people rather upset and I sometimes have a little more fun arguing on Amazon than I should.  It’s kind of a little playground for me…

I do what I can for all my readers!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Amazon Review Rapscallion” Unger


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