Corrections and Misunderstandings…

So apparently I was incorrect in understanding two articles on dispensationalism that got my hackles up were actually an address against hyper-dispensationalism and were not attacks against dispensationalism.  It seems I was wrongfully jumping to conclusions…

Instead of changing the previous post and getting lambasted, I figured I’d just post an update.

I’ve also decided to give up reading most of the apologetics blogs that I’ve occasional read.  I’m going back to reading books and atricles.  Much less chance of reading things and misunderstanding them based on their words…silly me.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Derrida” Unger


2 thoughts on “Corrections and Misunderstandings…

  1. I’m not entirely willing to say since I’ve apparently misunderstood it once already.

    It LOOKS like it’s some sort of Darbyism that has gone nuts.

    Not exactly what Doc Vlach would support at all!

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