Word of the Day: Taqiyya

What is Taqiyya?

It’s one of two words used in Islamic theology for “righteous lying”.

Taqiyya is lying by saying something untrue.

Kitman is lying by not saying something that is true (or giving a half truth intended to deceive).

Here‘s some further reading.

Just FYI and expanding the word-power of my 2 readers.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Truth Teller” Unger


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Taqiyya

  1. Thanks for that link John.

    For the record, I understand that Taqiyya doesn’t suggest that Muslims are wholesale liars. I understand the conceptual framework behind Taqiyya, at least a tiny bit.

    If Taqiyya is where “a Muslim may conceal his faith under great duress or compulsion”, does that include things like Jihad? May a Muslim conceal his faith from his enemy in a time of Jihad?

    Also, do you find Sunnis generally understand your nuanced view of Taqiyya to be what Taqiyya is?

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