The Stats are In…

After my first “theology week” where I’ve posted some things that I’ve written for reasons other than my blog, I’ve noticed that my post about Brad Jersak got a lot more hits than the rest of my posts.  Apparently people were looking for something about that, as I had people finding me on Google looking for things like “Brad Jersak review” and “Brad Jersak critique”.  Interesting.  After so many years, the whole listening prayer issue is apparently still a hot issue…

…then again, when I blogged about “Ergun Caner”, I had four times the hits in the first hour of that post as I did this whole previous week.  I’m guessing that when you blog about what people are interested in (i.e. what is hot gossip), you get hits.

Well, I have a question for my 2 readers: What should I blog about next?

David Hawkins and non-dualistic worldviews?

More critique of listening prayer? (I only evaluated the biblical support given at the beginning of the book…)

Juicy tidbits about Ergun Caner?  (I can’t say much as I don’t know much…)

Something about the whole “Creationists are, by default, inbred imbeciles” mentality of the media?

Thoughts about the silly theological confusion that I’m learning about in Western Canada?

I have some thoughts, but I’m currently working on putting together a media package for churches that want to hear/watch some preaching and other things.

If anyone wants, I’ll throw down on whatever issue comes up.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologist” Unger


2 thoughts on “The Stats are In…

  1. Presup and Dispy?

    Well, I’ll talk a bit about Presup but I’m not super interested in getting into the Dispensationalism debate with many folks. Maybe I’ll take an exegetical look at some of the key passages related to supersessionism, or write a book review of something by Horton or Robertson, or something like that.

    As for Caner, I don’t know much and I’m really losing interest in that shenanigan. The more I see, the less I consider him to be much beyond a convert to “Southern Americana” Churchianity…the kind that doesn’t have a problem with joking about strippers from the pulpit and has both a KJV and a loaded weapon in the truck at all times.

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