Ergun Caner’s Newest Defender! Hooray!

Now I’m the first to admit that I haven’t really followed the Ergun Caner story that much.  He’s never been high on the ladder of problems to worry about for me (what with being a Mennonite Brethren and having this and this and this on my radar more) and I realized a while ago that the whole scenario is one that I’ve encountered in Christendom before:  Truth stands clear but is ignored and defeated by people more concerened about money, power and fame.  I’ve seen that too many times before.

It’s pretty clear that Caner built up his reputation as an expert on Islam via a fabricated history that has eventially been discovered, much like in an episode of Veggietales.  Liberty removed him as dean because of the scenario, and some people claim the non-beheading at Liberty means he’s entirely innocent.  *sigh*

Now, Aomin has noticed several flogs (fake blogs) and spam sites that have appeared, most likely with the goals of flooding search engines with positive hits about Ergun Caner.  I visited one and leared how Ergun Caner claims he is a “Theologist”.  *cough*

I tried to comment on this post, but I’m guessing that the fella that runs the blog (who obviously is not Ergun Caner) won’t allow any comments.  Needless to say, with friends like this who needs enemies?

Also, on the more “news about me” front, I got a call from a prospective church today and a second e-mail from a different church!  Praise the Lord!  For anyone who reads this (i.e. Cam Brodzki and Jimmy Li), please pray for me as I search for a place to minister now.  I’ll post more as things come together.

Until Next Time

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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