Finally, the undisputed world authority on all facts and knowledge has spoken up and answered a pressing question:

Is the internet over?

…well, apparently so.

This “internet” thing is just a fad and all it’s numbers are likely unhealthy for you.

Check this out.

Wow.  I believe this is what theologians refer to as the “noetic effects of stardom” (c.f. recent Ergun Caner shennanigans).  Power and fame don’t improve your intellect; they only provide a forum for what’s already present (or horribly absent) and the spotlight hides little.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Shadow Dwelling Theologian” Unger


3 thoughts on “YAY!

  1. I’m not that surprised by Prince’s self indulgent lunacy, other than living in Minneapolis to be honest, but it does paint a clearer picture of what I don’t care to know about him. Perhaps Prince is just the end result of what happens to a directionless and imbalanced ISFP. Anyway, speaking of crazy, Stryper dropped a new album called Murder By Pride that you might love to hate, let me know what you think.

    The medium formerly known as Internet.

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