Quick Thoughts on the French Burqa Ban…

Here’s something I read at the CBC a little while ago on the current French Burqa ban.  I read some of the comments at the CBC and was so frustrated that I had to add my own comment, but the CBC will never post it because they’re part of the western “don’t tick off the Muslims EVER” left wing media.

So, here’s the comment that won’t get posted:

“What we have here is French secularism beating heads against what they know is the coming French Islamic theocracy.  The French know that the birth rates among Islamic immigrants are several times higher than among French nationals.

In other parts of Europe (like the Netherlands or the UK), muslims are openly advertising that they’re immigrating with intention to completely overthrow the government and take over, establishing Shari’a law and a full Islamic state.  People in France know this, so they’re making silly efforts to combat what they see as the radicalization of the Islamic community.

The Qu’ran doesn’t teach the wearing of the Burqa or the Niqab or the Hijab.  It teaches on modesty, and these are all applications of it’s teaching on modesty, in typical “over the top legalism” Islamic fashion.

The problem isn’t the burqa at all.  The problem is that the secular west had no intellectual category for what Islam is all about, so we stuff it haphazardly into our own, secular/atheistic categories and end up doing stupid things like trying to regulate their clothes with the hopes that it will soften up their beliefs.”

Radical Islam needs to encounter the Gospel of Jesus Christ, not regulations regarding their clothing (or anything equally as side-tracked).

Until Next Time

Lyndon “The ArmChair Infidel” Unger


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