A Quick Note About Online Debating…

Well, I think I’m down to 1, or maybe 2 readers.  I guess that’s what happens when I write like 2 posts a semester and don’t say anything.  HA!  Either way, for those that have been on here once or twice, I’ve been having a very interesting interaction with an equally interesting individual on the “In Honor of Applied Kinesiology post”.  Interesting, but amazingly typical…and a good reminder why I increasingly shy away from almost all internet debating.  I used to really get going with online debating, going here and there and spending hours every day carefully researching, crafting, writing and editing interactions with people on various and sundry topics (usually doctrine of scripture, creationism or issues regarding spiritual gifts).

Over time I realized that with 6 billion people on the earth, as well as the anonymity and the transience afforded by the web, serious spiritual interaction with skeptics/atheists is basically impossible online.  People more often than not share an opinion with bad or weak reasoning, call you names when you disagree, ignore your interaction with them and then leave without even paying much heed to what you say.

If one wants to check through the now 51 comments on the post 2 down from this one, one will see exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I never seem to learn my lesson.  Interacting with crack-pots and crazies is worth doing (as I often do at church), but it’s basically impossible to do online.  They just pack up, take their insanity and move on. No accountability, no interaction and no cares for anything short of their own, self-worshipping rants.

I guess I’m just saying “beware debating online”.  Even when you actually win (i.e. the other person admits defeat and then tries to befriend you on facebook so you can coincidentally debate their other friends who are “way smarter than me on this stuff”), nothing ultimately changes.  I’m not saying that nobody’s ever been successfully evangelized online, but if you’re going to devote yourself to evangelistic pursuits, share the gospel with people in person.  Preach the living word of God to their hearts, love them, and exemplify the gospel.  At least if they run away, you can be all crazy and follow them!

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Evangelist-Stalker” Unger


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