Quote of the day…

Sitting in an Evangelism class at Seminary, and there was a guest speaker today.   I won’t reveal his identity for the reason that he shared something private, but I laughed at what he shared.  Apparently he had corresponded with a famous atheist spokesman who like to play the “I was the most Christian guy ever for years” card.  Apparently this atheist used to be a pastor, evangelist, faith healer, etc. and pretty much tells everyone Christian that he meets “I used to preach the same thing you preach, but the I opened my eyes and became an atheist”.

Anyway, the guest speaker in class commented on how this atheist and him interacted back and forth over e-mail, several years back.  It seems that they had cordial exchanges until the atheist commented on how he was the “most Christian guy ever” and the guest speaker replied “Wow!  You faked it for 15+ years?  Judas only made it 3!  That must have taken a LOT of effort!”

At that, the atheist informed him that if the speaker ever contacted him again, he’d sue him for harassment.

I was laughing out loud in the back of the class, since I’ve often wondered “what would happen if someone called that atheist’s bluff?”

Apparently the atheist was enraged at the insinuation that his self-proclaimed ‘salvation’ was inauthentic.  HOW DARE YOU!?!

There’s no such thing as someone who “used to be a Christian”.  Anyone who has studied the Bible, let alone attended a Bible College (or, *gulp*, a seminary) and thinks that someone can be truly regenerate and then abandon the faith hasn’t seriously worked through the various texts that explicitly address the sovereignty of God in salvation.  God does the saving and no sheep can leap out of his hand.  People can be pro-Jesus, pro-Christianity, pro-Church, pro-morality, pro-bible, pro-ministry, attend church 7 days a week, read the whole bible twice a day, stop doing all the bad things in their life, get a doctorate in theology, pastor a church of 10,000, give all their money to the poor, etc. and still not be a Christian…but that’s a post for another day when I have more time.

Until Next Time,

Lyndon “The Armchair Theologian” Unger


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